Okko will reveal to the Russians the secret treasures of the Hermitage and the secrets of success athletes

Online cinema Okko will show the Russians the secret treasures of the Hermitage Museum will open its vaults with the artifacts that are not seen in its halls at the usual time. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Online cinema to view the film “the Hermitage. The treasure of the nation” April 23 morning, 9:00. Later, in the 12:00 users recommend exclusive film “In search of greatness” with the participation of Wayne Gretzky, Pele, Jerry rice, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan. It examines the secrets of success in sport through the prism of personal stories of the greatest athletes of all time.

by Day, 14:00 online cinema will present the program “Fitness against the virus” that will teach the Russians salsa. Later, in 16:00 is a culinary lecture “Cooking at home with the Novikov School” with a recipe for cupcakes with strawberry and vanilla.

Evening 19:00, the user is prompted broadcast production of “Reverse” of the Moscow musical theatre. Directors Drozhzhina Irina and Andrey Koltsov together with the canadian choreographer Debra brown has created a “verhnesadovoe dynamic action that does not fit into any existing theatrical genre.” Later, in 21:00 Karelian fairy tale “Bride mouse”. At 22:00 users it is recommended to see a romantic movie “Happiness is in the envelope” with three amazing stories about love and friendship, faith in the dream of generations. The Director of the film was made by Svetlana Sukhanova, starring Fedor leshcev, Efim Kamenetsky and Tatiana Samarina.

Okko provides its subscribers a new type of content delivery: shaped like the classic TV program transmission, but it is personalized and tailored to the wishes and needs of each user, and is also available every day. Read more about main events and premieres online cinema next week read our collection.