Officials will leave no foreign cucumbers and tomatoes

For the import of cucumbers and tomatoes have restrictions on the participation in procurement for state and municipal needs. The relevant Government decree shall enter into force on 14 April.

Restrictions do not apply to the goods that come from countries of the Eurasian economic Union — Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Applications from suppliers export of cucumbers and tomatoes will decline if the competition has already claimed at least two suppliers of domestic products or products from countries of the EEU. It is important that these proposals were from different manufacturers.

In the list of food products that are subject to such restrictions, includes nearly 30 titles. Including different types of meat, fish and seafood, milk, butter, cheese, sugar and salt, rice and wine.

These rules do not apply if the customer is abroad (for example, the establishment of a diplomatic mission) and conducts a purchase to ensure that its activities in this area.