Officials should receive a salary of no more than five times the Minimum wage (SMIC), established by law. Offer the Russians expressed on the website “Russian public initiative”.

“Over the last month (March 2020) we have the whole country clearly see the absolute usefulness of doctors and the uselessness of the officials, of the need for various medical equipment and the absence of use of expensive official cars of deputies and their colleagues,” writes the author of the initiative. In his idea he sees multiple advantages: first, the officials finally meet you in real life the vast majority of Russians, and secondly, increase the income of public transport “by adding in their target audience” of civil servants, and thirdly, to improve the quality of life of doctors that will certainly affect the progress in the work, and hence on the health of the nation. In addition, adds the author of the initiative, restriction of officials in wages will improve the economy and raise the minimum wage to a decent level.

According to the method of the author, one “minimal” needs to rank and file officers, five of the minimum wage for the President of the Russian Federation, and two, three and four minimum wage in proportion to the occupied position of the civil servant.

“the money Saved to enter into the salary Fund and split between the health workers since nurses and ending with the treating physicians, that is, only those who really have to the treatment” — emphasizes the author of the initiative, adding that the Minister of health of the Russian Federation, his deputies and secretaries to does not include.

It is also proposed to sell the entire service transport officials, and the money to purchase hospital equipment.

As previously reported URA.RU head of research Maria Ignatova, the public authorities increased the demand for new employees in times of crisis.