the World’s most prestigious tennis tournament, Wimbledon, gotta let life in 2020 due to coronakrisen.

this Year’s edition of the tennis tournament Wimbledon has officially been cancelled due to the coronakrisen.

It shall notify the organizer on its website.

the Tournament was scheduled to be settled between the 29. June and 12. July 2020.

Ian Hewitt, chairman of the organizer, the All England Club (AELTC), says to the Wimbledon twitter account into:

– We believe due to the scale of the global crisis, in the end, it is the right decision to cancel the Wimbledon championships 2020 and instead concentrate on how we can use our resources to help people in our local area as well as other locations.

Wimbledon-the organizer held the Wednesday meeting to discuss the prospects for this year’s tournament this summer with the backdrop of the outbreak of the coronavirus in large parts of the world.

And, like a number of other sporting events such as the european football championship and the OLYMPICS must also Wimbledon drop to run the tournament this summer.

– It is management’s opinion that a cancellation of the tournament is the best decision for public health, and to be able to provide clarification at to make the decision now instead of several weeks is essential for all involved in tennis and the tournament, says it on the website.

The 134. version of the English grand slam tournament in London will instead be played from 28. June 11. July of next year.

an Announcement from Wimbledon, has already received a large number of tennis stars to the keys on the social media.

Here reads it from the most, that they are bored of the cancellation, but also that it is completely understandable.

Last year, won the serb Novak Djokovic with a dramatic finale over Roger Federer in the men, while the Romanian Simona Halep triumphed in the women with the cup over the american Serena Williams.