In the spring holidays, they are piling up again, the annoying delays and cancellations of flights. The affected passengers have a right to compensation. Depending on the length of the flight route, the duration of the delay and the reason they can be good for up to 600 euros. That’s the theory.

In practice, it looks quite different, as a study of Airhelp shows, the VIEW is exclusive. The company has investigated thousands of legitimate claims out of ten of the largest operating in Switzerland Airlines. In the case of the surveyed airlines had in the past three years – then the claim – approximately 660’000 passengers barred the right to compensation.

EasyJet rejects 96 per cent of the cases

but This doesn’t mean that you get the money then. Because: “The largest airlines in Switzerland reject more than half the lawful payment of compensation, and ignore the applicable law,” says Philip straessle, expert the passengers rights of Airhelp to VIEW.

The worst EasyJet cuts. The British airline rejects it, according to the analysis in 96 percent of all cases, to pay a compensation payment. “This means that the affected passengers, in most cases without legal assistance, no compensation,” said straessle.

Swiss subsidiary Edelweiss denied, according to Airhelp, four out of five Concerned the rightful compensation. The Swiss follows, according to the study, with 74 percent of incorrectly rejected claims close behind.

“profit-oriented company,”

In the case of the Swiss, it holds little of the evaluation of Airhelp. “The organization is a for-profit company, which to our knowledge, in accordance with the processing of compensation claims a commercial objective,” said Swiss spokesman Stefan Vasic.

And: “We therefore see further comments to said Ranking, particularly since we are not convinced before that the Background of its objectivity.” He assured, however, that we take all customer complaints seriously, and this “in the context of the applicable case law edited”.

That there is another way, shows the example of the Euro wings. The Lufthansa subsidiary rejects only 21 percent of the claims to be wrong. Also Austrian Airlines is doing well: 75 percent of the affected passengers can get compensation awarded.