Manuel-new final proof comes from the 8. March, a Sunday, when the world and football is debated quite about Corona, it’s very, very far away seemed to be that it comes from, how it came to be now.

FC Bayern played against Augsburg, he celebrated its 120-year anniversary, and was New, a Jolly good foot Reflex, would Augsburg crashed the Party. “We need to thank Manuel,” said Thomas Müller. Bayern won 2:0. After that, the soccer champion no longer played football. imago images/Sven Simon Bavaria – Augsburg: Manuel Neuer saves in the victory

The Munich-based could thank their goalkeeper and captain in this season often After two metatarsal of New has reached the quarries at the same level. 2021 ends his contract, and if no Ball is rolling, be promoted in Manager-back-room-holding planning – what is catch in New as complex.

FC Bayern and Manuel Neuer: What hooks you?

Of different ideas about the further cooperation, specifically its scope. The magazine “kicker” reported “solid” increases in the negotiations, because Bayern would be a working paper to 2023, New but an extension to 2025 to be desired. Then, recently, 34-year-old Keeper stately 39 would be.

New to argue that he could attach the time he was robbed by metatarsal fractures, a quasi in the back of his 373 appearances for Bayern he played between April 2017 and August 2018, only the three of us.

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in Addition, there could be a goalkeeper, which were diving persistently, until she scratched at the 40s mark. Still, the 42-year-old Gianluigi Buffon as backup power Juventus Turin is employed, Edwin van der Sar denied with almost 41 listened to a Champions League final for Manchester United, and even Bayern icon Oliver Kahn just before his 39. Birthday on.

What’s New says?

Currently nothing. Actionable, forward-looking statements are dated to the Winter, as the New during the training camp in Qatar to the people’s voice. He wanted to play for as long as, “how do I feel good, power can show me fun and I feel that it is important that I am on the pitch and the Team needs me,” he said at the time. imago images/area photo Manuel Neuer of FC Bayern Munich

“My Plan is to continue to play for FC Bayern,” added the New in February at Sky. “For me, it goes on until at least 2021, as I have enough time to talk with the person in charge.”

What is the FC Bayern says?

Relatively much. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Chairman of the Board, conveyed the will of the Association, the Corona-crisis to exploit, in order to press professionals in the price.

For New applies the “same” would expire as to each, whose contract in the summer of 2021, in particular, Müller, Thiago, David Alaba, Jerome Boateng, Javi Martinez and Sven Ulreich: All would have received offers prior to Corona. “And I think that these players know that they have in the FC Bayern is a very solid and very reliable employer who is very fair with them,” said Rummenigge to “tz” and “Münchner Merkur”.

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do not converge, However, coach Hansi Flick came out only once as a New Fan: “It’s not for me, by far, the best goalkeeper in the world, I have not the slightest doubt.” As Flick to “Sport Bild” said, see, he to the New “no Alternative”.

greetings to Alexander Nübel.

Which pressure medium has Bayern?

By Flicks dedicated attitude of doubt: a less. Schalke Nübel changes for the new season to Munich, there seems to be no open competition to be found – in any case, if the flicker remains the boss.

Nübel, 23, signed for five years. In the course of the transfer to him inserts are to be guaranteed, which New-irritated Clan and the Public alike. Flick certificated Nübel only, “to be a young, talented goalkeeper”; Later said that “Alex heard maybe sometime in the future. But for me, it doesn’t matter that he comes to Bayern. I’m not a Statist, but the Protagonist and always wants to play.” imago images / Sven Simon Manuel Neuer (l.) and Alexander Nübel

the Wild the last time it was due to rumors from Spain, according to Marc-André ter Stegen, number two on the national team, a topic in Munich is supposed to be. First of all, “Mundo Deportivo”, and later “sports” report referenced in Bavaria of interest to determine the 27-Year-old to the New successor. To do this, if it is allowed, a question: Why, then, Nübel?

And what leverage has New?

Also rather few. The 2014 world Champions may refer to in Munich merits, a decade full of triumphs, he would strive to win in Poker, the sovereignty of interpretation by listing Bavaria its Alternatives.

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In principle, all of the Top clubs have no need of it, although the circumstances can quickly change, as soon as a man of caliber would be New on the market. Specifically, only Chelsea of the “image” are thrown in the raffle. Imagine, purely theoretically, would also be Manchester City with Ex-Bayern Coach Pep Guardiola.

What is the role of actually Flick?

A relevant, perhaps decisive. in addition to Flicks of esteem, see above, has been handed a New set of Qatar: For him, it was “of course crucial, who is a long-term coach”.

Flick has very good chances to stay in office, but before that, Bayern also have like to seen it do in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, ideally about, and how he hosts a fight. Corona moves the calendar, perhaps the static in some of the Transfer business and, ultimately, the outcome?

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