Low salaries – one of the most urgent problems for teachers. In some regions, the payment for the normal teaching load of teachers – three-four thousand roubles. Everything else – the compensation and incentive payments, which at the local level are awarded at times a very difficult and confusing schemes. And in some regions a system of points. They are given for different achievements: victories of the students in the contests to community service. The more points earned, the teacher, the greater the premium. “Guilty” of something to the Director? Treasured points can not obtain.

And this despite the fact that from year to year of the Russian trilateral Commission for regulating social-labour relations makes recommendations to the regions about how should be distributed the payroll of teachers: 70 percent should be guaranteed to go to the wages and salaries.

In 2020 in the field of education held a regular monitoring of teachers ‘ remuneration. The data are disappointing. More than half of the regions the share of the rates and salary that is a guaranteed part in the structure of teachers ‘ salaries is below the 30 percent – told the “Russian newspaper” the Deputy Chairman of the Russian trade Union of education Tatiana Kupriyanova. Moreover, according to our data, in 80 percent of the Russian regions the rates (salaries) of teachers in the normal teaching load does not even reach the level of the Federal minimum wage.

What does this mean in practice? On the one hand, in Russia the average salary of a teacher is “bound” to the average in the economy of the region. On the other, the smaller the payment the norm of teaching load of 18 hours, the less the teacher is protected and often agrees to work harder. Many teachers are forced to work on a half-two rates. But in addition to teaching in the classroom there is more preparation for lessons, checking notebooks, classroom management, endless reports, and work with parents.

– According to expert data of the Union, the average load of a teacher in Russia – not less than 1.7 rate. And the average salary in the region is due to the fact that teachers take more load. How does it happen? The end of the school year, may: Director of the school announces the vacancy, then all summer waiting for someone it will come. And if by September, a new employee never showed up, the load is distributed between teachers who are already working in the school, and the vacancy is closed, – said Tatiana Kupriyanova. – So to calculate the actual shortage of teachers in the country is very difficult.

last year in Russian schools were opened more than 13 thousand vacancies for teachers. But in fact, according to experts, the shortage may be much greater.

– the “Remote control” showed everyone how important and difficult the work of teachers. Owing to their dedicated work education percent��with in the period of isolation did not stop for a minute – says Tatiana Kupriyanova. – Therefore, the support of teachers, like doctors, should be a priority. You need to start to develop a branch system of remuneration of labour already now, without waiting for adoption of the law. To prepare regulations. Moreover, there are long-term developments: it is necessary to increase the guaranteed level of remuneration of teachers and that the wages and salaries. You need to establish at Federal level a clear list of mandatory education of compensatory and stimulating payments.

On behalf of the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail mishustina, by 1 November, the Ministry of education jointly with the Ministry of labor, Ministry of Finance, the national Union of education must submit proposals for establishing uniform criteria for the remuneration of teachers. What is important – the development of a basic pay rate of a teacher on the basis of working hours (norms of hours of pedagogical work for the wage rate) and the target performance levels of teachers ‘ salaries, defined in 2012 by the decree of the President of Russia. The order published on the official website of the Cabinet.

“On consideration in the state Duma a bill “On amendments to article 144 of the labour code regarding the establishment of requirements to branch systems of payment of workers state and municipal institutions”. The bill proposed to give the Russian government the right to establish requirements to the systems of payment of workers state and municipal agencies, including requirements for the establishment of salaries (official salaries), salary rates applicable listing and the conditions of the appointment of payments of compensatory and stimulating character, – told the “Russian newspaper” in the Ministry of labor. – Granting the government this authority will allow, if necessary, to establish requirements for branch system of payment taking into account the specifics of a particular industry. Preliminary work on approving the requirements to the structure of the salary of teachers is the Ministry of education of Russia in the framework of the implementation of the basic principles of the national system of professional growth of teachers, approved by the decree of the RF government dated 31 Dec 2019 N 3273-p”.