Aify describes how the pandemic causes people to drastically change his life and rush to your aid and fight infection.

Muscovite Yana Kuznetsova left the business and took a job as a nurse. Celebica Elena Volynets sews protective masks for children with cancer, and the Vietnamese Minh Thuy Dinh for Muscovites. The girl Vasilina Vorobyov reading stories for people from all over the world. Tell 4 stories on mutual assistance.

Muscovite Yana Kuznetsova — the owner of a small antique salon. With the start of a pandemic, she closed the business which at such time have ceased to be in demand, and settled in Kommunarka as a nurse. Yana has a medical degree, both of her parents and other relatives are doctors. But she many years worked in medicine, but because all of its certificates are expired.

Kuznetsova came to office nurses and talks about working in a hospital in Facebook: “Happy how can someone who takes jokes. Can floor wiped clean, by the way. The window sill with everything else. With bleach. Now live on the system “after three days”. All my medical certificates on a speciality “medical business” long “rot”, but now is not the time diplomas measure. I believe that today, more honest and easier to do what is necessary to those who are having trouble breathing may not. And those who faint in the hospital lift from fatigue. Perhaps once so. My new “position” sounds again like after school: “the Nurse of the intensive care unit”. The circle is closed. But sure for the better.”

Kuznetsova says that he didn’t think about work at the hospital. She offered her assistance as a volunteer at one of the sites for job search. The operator saw that sechenovskiy Ian graduated from University, and immediately offered to work in Kommunarka. Yana agreed, and her parents, relatives and friends feared for her health.

Celebica Elena Volynets sew reusable masks for children with cancer. Elena has manufactured and donated the children’s ward of 70-80 masks. Education Volynets — cook, but a few years ago he graduated from the courses of cutting and sewing.

a Few years ago, Helen fell ill myself onkologicheskim disease. All ended well, but Elena, like no other, understands how important it is for children to observe safety precautions, because for them any deadly infection, even harmless. What can we say about COVID-19!

And parents and hospitals do not have enough funds to provide all means of protection.

First, the masks sewed Volynets, was two later, Elena has added another layer in the form of inserts. Elena is thinking about selling masks to everyone, in order to raise money to buy children from the Oncohematology gifts: the necessary hygiene items and toys.

the 28-year-old��I Minh Thuy Dinh from Vietnam she sews masks and distributes them for free to everyone. This is her contribution to the fight against coronavirus.

Amazing things happen in Moscow Lyublino. Throughout the district at entrances and shops – there were boxes with free masks.

it Turned out that the action is a woman from Vietnam, 28-year-old Minh Thuy Dinh. She sews masks and spreads them throughout the area.?

After the information about a good Vietnamese girl sold in social networks, users have written to her many kind words. Said that kindness has no nationality, that COVID-19 showed a lot of good people in the world. However, there were also those who reacted negatively: haters joked about the nationality of the girls and speculated on why she need all this.

Later it turned out that Minh Thuy Dinh sews masks are not alone. She helps other Vietnamese from Moscow. They pool their savings to buy the fabric and in my spare time dumping remedies.

the Mask that distributes Minh Thuy Dinh, reusable, though not medical. Before wearable they need to be washed at a temperature not less than 60 degrees, explains the girl. Minh Thuy Dinh says she doesn’t care about name-calling detractors as long as people are such a pleasure to take of the mask, it will continue with their sewing.

Nine-year-old Vasilina Vorobiev from the village of Dubna in Tula region have also decided to help people who are in confined spaces. She asked my mother whether something to help, because her parents — volunteers with the experience. But they don’t come up with anything what can be useful for their baby daughter. And then Vasilina left information about himself on one of the sites to find volunteers: “my name is Vasilina, I am 9 years old, I am very expressive reading books, can read a fairy tale for you”. Sparrow and could not imagine that Vasilinenko the proposal would generate so many responses. At first it was 50 calls a day. To talk and listen to the tales of wanted children and old women.

Then the number of incoming calls by messengers have exceeded 300 a day. Vasilina and the parents jokingly say, “Pot, not vari”.

Publication of a STORYTELLER, VASILINA (@vasi.lina977) 11 APR 2020 at 6:59 PM PDT

the Girl remotely in school, but to read the tale does not cease. Call her from all over the world and asked to read a work. Young volunteer made an account on Instagram and YouTube channel: otherwise the number of calls Vasilina not cope.