The Swedish amateurclub in Eskilstuna, sweden FC, has been scheduled to practice at Näshulta GoIF have to cancel it after the gamblers from all over the world-the club with beards. The Swedish football association, the clubs, meanwhile, are asked not to communicate any planned friendly matches, “for their own safety and security.

“It all started Monday morning, when I got an e-mail of a person who is faced with the question of how we played. In the beginning, I thought it was a joke, but soon, the phone is ringing. And he continued the whole day, but in cha-ching!”, will begin in Eskilstuna, sweden IN a coach, Fredrik Eklund in his story in the local newspaper the Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

and What was the result? Betting company bet365 was the vriendenwedstrijd between the two is a Swedish amateur football clubs are listed as one of the games where the gamblers from all over the world were able to place bets. In Sweden, events with less than fifty persons are still permitted, allowing for practice matches without an audience will still be able to go on. This is in Sweden, along with belarus, the only European country where football should be.
Eskilstuna, sweden as a team, here to SEE, stop to the practice in the end. Photo: BELGAIMAGE

But, in Eskilstuna, sweden, saw them get out of hand. Throughout the day, you had the players, the staff and phone calls from all over the world. “They called all the other teams in our series on to figure out how to play it. It was to get worse,” said Eklund. “I’ve had people from all over the world on the phone who wanted to know whether or not we have our strongest team should be playing,” says the chairman of the Bengin Ozeran at the Fotbollskanalen. “It was completely mad.”

social media was once again the threats of the gamblers who had money staked on the losing club in the middle of Sweden. Eventually be decided in Eskilstuna, sweden, after consultation with the Swedish football association that the practice will be cancelled. “I had never thought of myself as forgiving, and if the boys are after something happened to it,” says Eklund.

the Swedish football association, this was nothing new. The Management Officer , Johan Claesson is estimated that there are already around thirty different clubs in the league have, we are facing the same issue. The Swedish football association recommends that the clubs have their practice matches not to make it public. “In this way, we hope that the gambling companies, these games are no longer on the trail, so there’s not much more to be deployed,” said Claesson.