Also in 2023 famous people left us. With this obituary we remember the German and international dead who are no longer with us.

In the following you can read the names, the date of death, the age at the time of death and – if known – the cause of death of well-known German and international personalities without claiming completeness or value. You can find out more details about the individual deaths via the links.

January 16: Gina Lollobrigida (actress), 95

January 16: Matthias Carra (pop singer, 58, cancer

Jan 12 Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis), 54, cardiac arrest

January 12: Robbie Bachman (drummer), 69

January 11 Jeff Beck (guitarist), 78, bacterial meningitis

January 11: Tatjana Patitz (German model), 56

January 10: Lothar Blumhagen (actor and voice actor), 95

January 8: Roman Sörgel (Franconian comedian “Bembers”), 56

January 06 Gianluca Vialli (Italian footballer), 58 years old, cancer

January 4th: Rosi Mittermaier (Olympic champion in skiing), 72 years old, serious illness

January 4: Christina Drechsler (actress), 41 years old

Jan 02: Ken Block (rally driver, YouTube star), 54, snowmobile accident

January 02: Fred White (drummer of Earth, Wind

January 1st: Christiane Ufholz (musician), 75 years old

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