Oberstar explained all of the ambulances in Khimki

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

in Front of the clinical center of Federal medical biological Agency (FMBA) in Khimki there is a long line of ambulances.

As reported by RIA Novosti in the operational headquarters, it happened because of the large flow of patients with the coronavirus. The flow of cases COVID-19 has increased in recent days. All hospitals in Moscow are working in emergency mode.

it is Noted that medical facilities take all possible measures for rapid assignment of patients to the wards. In the sit room said that all patients put in the hospital and provide them with medical care.

For the last day was 1667 confirmed cases COVID-19 in 49 regions of Russia. The country today recorded 13 584 cases in 82 regions.

Discharged on recovery 1045 people, including in recent days – 250, died in 106 patients. In the sit room said that Russia had held 1.18 million tests COVID-19. Under medical supervision, remain 159 thousand people.

Moscow Authorities have extended the restrictions on the coronavirus before may 1

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