Oberstab for the prevention of coronavirus has adopted a number of new solutions

Oberstab for the prevention of coronavirus in Russia adopted a number of new solutions.

the Ministry of transport was assigned to organize the evacuation of Russians from other countries, and to report daily to the government.

Ministry of foreign Affairs should be up to March 26 for a list of all compatriots wishing to return home and send a list to several offices and the company “Aeroflot”. The Ministry of transport shall study the issue of attraction of forces and means of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of emergency situations Administration of the President for the removal of the Russians from abroad. Will also evaluate the technical readiness of the Zhukovsky airport to receive flights from countries with unfavorable situation, reports “Russia 24”.

Together with the interior Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor and the FSB, the Ministry of transport will be engaged in organization of export of the trains of the Ukrainian citizens to their homeland and the return of Russians from Ukraine.

the CPS must submit to the Ministry of transport for information on availability in the regions of observational hospitals, can accommodate a large number of people who return from abroad. Even the Ministry of transport should draw up a list of airports that can accept international flights.

the Russians, not from Moscow, who had been abroad, and are now in the capital, sent to their home regions by bus. This will deal with the Moscow government.

Introduced and the whole complex of preventive measures. For example, provision of masks first and foremost, of doctors and everyone who may come in contact with sick people. The CPS, jointly with the Ministry of industry is considering the use of any alcohol-containing means, including cosmetics, to disinfect.

the Regional authorities were obliged to suspend the operation of all night clubs, cinemas and other entertainment venues, to introduce a ban on Smoking hookahs in restaurants. With the Ministry of labor and social insurance Fund should decide how to close all the resorts for vacationers beneficiaries.