Dieticians have revealed to the Russians the ways not to get fat during the isolation of the outbreak of coronavirus. Their words lead REN TV.

During the pandemic, the world health organization (who) has published advice connected with a healthy diet. In the first place, according to the list of recommendations, you should avoid buying products that are not necessary, especially with extended storage. This item was supported by the Russian nutritionist Irina Pisareva, explaining that in canned food, for example, contains many chemical substances that can have a negative impact on the body.

During the regime of self-isolation and the doctors also advise to refrain from alcohol, TRANS fats, palm oil, fried foods, reduce sugar intake and, conversely, to increase the consumption of fiber contained in vegetables and fruits. In addition, you should drink more water.

According to the psychologist of Anneta Orlova, the amount of food consumed is directly related to the anxiety level of the person. “The process of chewing food creates the illusion that we are more comfortable,” she explained.

it is Known that the CPS has opened a hotline with free consultations on nutrition for the whole family. For example, when contacting the contact center it is possible to specify ways to improve diet and cooking.

In April, the experts predicted a massive obesity because of the forced reduction of physical activity during a pandemic coronavirus. According to British nutritionist Jennifer Oberth (Jennifer Aubert), from finding a house adult day burns about 400 calories less than normal lifestyle. To avoid obesity, experts advise to maintain the correct mode of the day, eat right and exercise regularly.