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Beige boxes made of foamed polystyrene Hiking through the ranks. Under the snap-warmed meatballs lids: with Mayonnaise, marinated potato salad. More than 30 million euros of the budget of the Association is. However, the meals, the offers to its players, has the district League level.

“eat beyond Good and Evil”

“It is, in part, beyond Good and Evil, what is offered to football pros eat,” says nutrition expert Marius Herkommer. “Whether in the highest or second highest play class, the need for improvement in terms of nutrition, dpa is in the case of some Clubs, still high.”/Patrick Seeger/dpabild Luca Waldschmidt from Freiburg celebrated a goal

Just after a load, it is important, says Herkommer, to start with appropriate food, the recovery. “That doesn’t work with Mayonnaise, or bacon, where no vitamins or minerals stuck.

You can draw even a competitive advantage when you initiate immediately the perfect Regeneration, but has not this consciousness, in all Clubs by.”

failure of many associations

There are Clubs in the mid-term break part green, non-ripe bananas as a Snack will be offered. “To the strength of a mostly green banana is converted into sugar, it takes much longer than, for example, in the case of dates. By the conversion of starch into sugar, the Athlete takes on his body’s energy, which is many, unfortunately, but not even aware of.

Therefore, I choose to be dates, because the sugar contained therein is more readily available and the Athlete needs to expend less energy.“ What missed associations, in part, to get nutritionist Marius Herkommer individually with professionals.

for example, with national player Luca Waldschmidt. “Until I was 17 that was my understanding of food: salad is healthy, and pasta you need before a game. It was’p.” Then he suffered from skin problems, and a doctor made him aware that diet could play a role.

forest Schmidt refused to dairy products and the skin was better. “As I understand it,” he says, “that there is a direct connection. That is the right or wrong nutrition, a direct impact on the body.“

“Have meat omitted”

As the forest Schmidt, then still in Frankfurt, due to an injury and no longer was, he began to deal intensively with the topic of nutrition to deal. “One day, I tried leaving out meat. Then I felt, what sounds maybe stupid, light.” Waldschmidt know, however, that “It is not done only in order to dispense milk and meat.”

And is to come – at least in the case of forest Schmidt – nutritionist Herkommer into the game. “I must still come on my calories, micro – and Macro-nutrient intake in mind. I learned from Marius. He brings order and variety on my table. Helps me, I get new inspirations and to me is not monotonous, on a diet.”

Herkommer with Waldschmidt shopping, cooks with him. “Now it makes me even fun. If you cook yourself, and it actually tastes good, makes a the also something to be proud of,” says the Shooting Star of the European under-21 CHAMPIONSHIP.

forest Schmidt and Serdar benefit of good nutrition

And Herkommer does even more: He has found in Freiburg has a Restaurant for woodland Schmidt, the Offensive Star of the days of cook, to which he himself has no time for this. Every Thursday gets Herkommer the card for the following week.

He checked them and discuss which dishes are suitable and which are not. “If there are about oven vegetables with Sahnedip, I leave the Sahnedip against a Dip soy-, coconut – or almond-based for Luca exchange. Of processed products, may I advise, as they are usually low in nutrients. However, the athletes are allowed to treat yourself to something. Since the mental component plays for me an important role.” dpa Schalke Suat Serdar in the game at Bayern

Herkommer helps creates awareness. Also at Schalke Suat Serdar (22), was with forest Schmidt 2019 U21-Vice-champion of Europe. Then Serdar to handle regularly, if there was a Buffet of chocolate cake. In contrast to the other players Omar Mascarell. Serdar asked him if he would not taste it. And got this from is five years older than Mascarell a lecture on nutrition, impressed Serdar.

adviser explained everything and

“As Mascarell helps said that he regret to have not been through this before starting, I spoke with my Advisor. I wanted to but not a nutritionist, send me a Plan and tell me what I should pay attention to. But one that explained everything to me and really helps.

The solution was to Marius. He has made my world of nutrition to the head. I get up in the morning with more energy, I’m fresh,” says Serdar now, after six months. Meanwhile, we have set up as an Agency Herkommer, by the way.

Our columnist Kai Psotta works for the game consultant, Agency, Sports Total (including Toni Kroos, Luca Waldschmidt, Suat Serdar). He wrote the Bestseller “the myth of Real Madrid”, “The godfather of the League,” and (with Norbert Elgert) “Give up everything – just never!”

This article was written by (Kai Psotta)

Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online, Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose

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