Health South-East said at the end of last week that, over a long time has been limited access to the necessary smittevernutstyr to Norway.

Director Bjørn Guldvog said at a press conference on Tuesday that the immediate need for smittevernutstyr in Norway now are met and that Norway now has good equipment in the unfathomable future.

But health workers around the country are reporting that it is still missing a lot smittevernutstyr.

Scared for their own safety

In the Sykepleierforbundet they get into many concerns from nurses from all over Norway.

Nurses have no legal obligation to put themselves in danger, ” says the head of the Sykepleierforbundet.


In a survey Sykepleierforbundet have gjernnomført answer 10 percent of the 120,000 members that they are now missing smittevernutstyr. 60 per cent say they have equipment now, but is unsure how long it will last

the Nurses are now afraid for their own safety, tells the leader in Sykepleierforbundet, Lill Sverresdatter Larsen.

We have examples of nurses who have been koronasmittet on the job. My members is easier said than done and uneasy, with the thought that there is a lack smittevernutstyr and that the equipment is only come is sufficient a week ahead in time, ” says Larsen.

She tells us that it rasjoners and reused on different devices, according to different local guidelines that differ from the national and international guidelines.

Examples is that the used surgical masks instead of masks, or surgical masks in for many hours. She also says that it made hjemmelaga a face mask that can be washed and reused in several days. It is in direct violation of the guidelines and can create great smittefare.

– You run the risk of then infecting vulnerable groups, themselves, colleagues, and to bring the infection home, ” she says.

A suffering nurse

a Nurse at a nursing home in Oslo, Peter, Hilario, has known koronaviruset in the body. He våkna up with fever, very dry and sore throat and a little tender in the brystkassa five days after he had been at a patient at the nursing home.

the Thought that it can be empty for smittevernutstyr is difficult for the nurse, Peter, Hilario.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / NRK

He is very concerned that all health care workers must get the good enough plot. The idea that hospitals and nursing homes and other health care providers can go out, is difficult. It’s a very dilemma to have the duty to do their job, but also to protect themselves, ” he says to NRK.

– If you do not have the proper equipment, you can expose not only yourself, but also your family, when you come home from work.

Without smittevernutstyr, which options would you take?

I had used the equipment that we have, and to avoid the infection by using it and the techniques to avoid infection and to protect others.

He emphasizes that he was not infected because they lacked the equipment, but because they didn’t know it was infection in the workplace.


At the Oslo university hospital confirms they now that there is a lack of smittevernutstyr. It has led to the rationing of respiratory protection page 21. February, according to the medical director at the hospital, Hilde Myhren.

Myhren tells that they are not promised the supply of sufficient smittevernutstyr in the time ahead.

Photo: image from OUS

How would you describe the situation with the lack of smittevernutstyr with you now?

– It is very demanding, uncertain delivery creates uncertainty among employees and managers, it is perceived as uncertain whether we are going to have equipment in the next few days. The equipment we get comes from a different supplier and looks a little different, it also creates uncertainty type Hilde Marsh, medical director at the Oslo University hospital in an e-mail to NRK.

It is practiced also the re-use of the respiratory equipment to patients who are not koronasmittet, and surgical face mask should be used for a long time, ” says Myhren.

She emphasizes that the use of the correct smittevernutstyr is important to prevent infection both between the patient and staff, and between patients via the staff.

Oslo university hospital can go out,

– There is a risk that we do not hope will be the reel. To predict the future is difficult. It’s that it can go blank, or be little available equipment, is the background that we rasjonerer, printer, medical director, Hilde Myhren.

If you run completely out so will all of the activity except the immediate assistance to be taken down, but the hospital will not shut down as long as patients need the help to life-threatening conditions.

Can the staff refuse to work without smittevernutstyr?

In case it would go completely blank for the equipment the Norwegian government will probably have to come up with governance that ensures that the population will get life-saving health care, the type Involved.

Who should assist when it is empty?

the Leader in sykepleierforbundet, Lill Sverresdatter Larsen, say they have made a legal clarification on that nurses do not need to go into without smittevernutstyr. She believes health minister and employers must take responsibility to ensure the health care worker with smittevernutstyr.

Nurses are not kanonføde in a war against korona, as this is described as, ” says Larsen.

If it is not possible to obtain enough equipment, one must talk about the risks, priorities, capacity and volunteering in it, she believes. And then one must talk about possibly a risk compensation, ” she says.

it is not a legal obligation to put themselves at risk but the ethical dilemma is there. She adds that it is employer responsibilities to ensure that nurses have enough smittevernutstyr.

Can be a difficult choice

health minister Bent High, says that he understands the unrest among the nurses, but stresses that Norway now has gotten more personal.

Now we have got a lot of and there are now out in the country, says he to NRK.

Director Bjørn Guldvog is asked the question about what happens if Norway runs out smittevernutstyr.

Helsedirektøren think it can be a difficult choice for health care professionals.

Photo: Lise Åserud / Lise Åserud

– If Norway runs out smittevernutstyr you will want to order healthcare professionals to continue to work to ensure the population life-saving health care?

– I both expect and hope we do not come into the situation. But in the last instance, as will all health professionals be able to be in a situation where it must be selected in very difficult situations. And that, I think health professionals are mentally prepared, ” says director Bjørn Guldvog at the NRK