Every day, there are a lot of football matches that are held in the whole world, and they delight their fans with all the entertainment and an abundance of great moments. If you look at live scores today football, you can determine interesting confrontations for yourself and see which ones can bring many goals or a special intrigue in the fight for trophies.

One of the best tournaments of the games between clubs is the Champions League, which is held not only in Europe but also in Asia, America and Africa. The format of the Cup involves the participation of the best clubs. The group stage and the playoff round are considered the most fascinating, but the qualifying matches also delight fans with their integrity and intrigue in each of them.

Many today’s football live scores, especially in the Champions League, show great momentum. These are the teams that stand out among many others: Real, Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Bayern and many other important clubs that can win the main trophy of Europe.

Latest Champions League scores of the new season 2019\20

Throughout the history of the tournament, there have been quite a lot of champions, and the winners were not only representatives of the top 5 championships, but also teams from other countries that demonstrated an excellent game. Each year the competition is insane, and it helps ensure unpredictable Champions League scores, even when a clear favorite is playing with an outsider.

These are the best teams of the tournament for all time:

  1. Real Madrid – the team became the champion 13 times. Each year it poses a serious threat to other teams that strive for the trophy.
  2. Milan can boast with 7 trophies won, but it hasn’t taken part in the tournament for a long time due to its poor condition and the failed seasons in Serie A.
  3. Liverpool – 6 titles. The reigning champion has won for the first time in a while and now it wants to repeat this achievement, while simultaneously winning the coveted first place in the Premier League.

Barcelona and Bayern got 5 cups each and want to improve this figure in the new season as well – the composition of these great teams is staffed in the best way, so they are regarded as favorites. All the scores of the Champions League of the new season have already pleased the fans and brought us a lot of fun. Every year you can note a lot of matches that you wouldn’t forget and miss at any stage of the tournament.

The start of the 2019\20 season was vivid, so most fans want to continue to watch the actions of their favorite players, teams and their opponents.