the United States Want to build with technology from the Switzerland new nuclear weapons? The suspicion is. Because Switzerland has prevented, according to “NZZ on Sunday” suspicious exports to the United States.

the export in March and November of the three laser machines in the United States. “There was reason to believe that the goods are used for the development of nuclear weapons,” said Livia Willi, spokeswoman for the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

Swiss machine spindles for French nuclear explosive devices

France Also wants to upgrade its nuclear weapons Arsenal with Swiss precision: In October 2017, Switzerland had spindles of the Export of Machinery in the neighbouring country stopped. According to Livia Willi were “set for carrier systems of nuclear weapons”.

Illegal such deliveries would only be subject to Swiss law. France and the United States (along with China, Russia and the UK) have, according to the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty nuclear explosive devices.

The attempted deliveries are clear signs that the nuclear powers renew their weapons and their associated delivery systems. Spicy: Even countries such as Pakistan to try to procure in Switzerland, a technology for the construction of nuclear weapons.

Pakistan wanted Swiss Software for nuclear weapons

“Switzerland has a industry for cutting-edge technology. There are many highly specialized companies,” says intelligence chief Jean-Philippe Gaudin (55) to the “NZZ on Sunday”. “These companies are for States with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction’ very interesting.”

Therefore, it should be gone in two stopped delivery in the last year, according to Pakistan: Pakistan has not signed, such as Israel, India, and North Korea from the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty, tried to get the Swiss Software. The Seco spokeswoman says: “Also there was reason to believe that the goods would be used for the development of nuclear weapons and delivery systems.” (vfc)