The Bundestag is voting today on extending the service life of nuclear power plants. Before that, there will be another hour of debate. Follow the discussion and the voting in the live ticker from FOCUS Online.

9:21 a.m .: Träger says that the nuclear power plants would not contribute to the power supply in general, but to better distribution of the power supply. And that’s mainly due to Bavaria, which didn’t take enough precautions. The SPD man addresses CSU boss Söder: “You have to figure out with your conscience why you didn’t do more earlier.”

9:18 a.m .: “Germany is phasing out nuclear energy,” says Carsten Träger from the SPD at the beginning of his remarks. In 155 days, Germany will be a little safer, according to Träger, who is visibly happy about the exit and announces that he will be leaving nuclear power on April 15. April 2023 will toast to it.

Now it is important to get through this winter. “We checked for a long time, and that was also our responsibility as the decision-maker. We took the time we needed. And in the end there is a decision that not everyone likes, but it is the right one, the stretching operation is responsible.” That is why the decision was made today to continue using the fuel rods that were already there.

9.14 a.m .: “Mr. Habeck and Ms. Lemke, you bear the political responsibility and will have to bear the consequences if the lights go out here,” Bilger rants. And again he only talks about the past – exactly what he accused the previous speaker .

9:09 a.m .: CDU man Steffen Bilger says the Greens talk too much about the past and not enough about the future. And then talk about the past. The decision is a “minimal consensus” after months of discussions, accuses Bilger of the traffic light coalition. “Continuing until April 15, 2023 is not enough,” complains Bilger. “It’s a too little draft law” with a view to security of supply and price relief.

Only the draft law of the CDU is a “just right” draft law. Very weak clapping even from the Union faction. The Union wants new fuel rods to be bought and the nuclear power plants to continue running until December 31, 2024.

9.04 a.m .: The Green Harald Ebner emphasizes that the decision to extend the term is giving him and his group stomach ache. But you will support the decision. However, he says emphatically: “It will be over on April 15, 2023.”