NRK (Norway): after a search police Loginov thinking about how to end your career

Position — on Saturday morning, Italian police raided the hotel room of the Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov. Now he ponders, not whether to end his career.

“it Seems that someone is trying to speed up this process”, — said Alexander Loginov “EN-er-Ko” (NRK). His day started with the fact that it is in the bedroom broke the Italian police.

“the Police came to our hotel at six in the morning. They searched the room a little more and checked all his personal trainer. Took the cell phone and the computer,” — said on Saturday morning the head coach of the Russian team Antoli of Kovantsev.

After today’s relay Loginov said that trying to put skis and a rifle on the shelf. After criticism from colleagues, questions on filling of the journalists and today’s police raids, he hesitated: maybe to finish his career would be better than to endure the current notoriety.

“Who knows. I’m not getting any younger. Maybe someone will be even easier”, — said Loginov.

Despite a search for several hours before the start of the relay, Loginov ran its own stage, as planned. Russia finished fourth, behind France, Norway and Germany.

the evening of the same day the Russian Embassy in Italy has informed that no evidence of drug use nor the computer Loginova, nor on his mobile phone, the Italian police found, according to the Russian “R-sport”.

“We are the cleanest nation in the world”

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On one of the videos in Instagram people in the form of Russian national team shows a document from Italian prosecutors. It argues that a personal trainer Loginov Alexander Kasperovich, was present at the stadium with false accreditation.

the Accreditation had not been received, because Russia fully utilized its national quota, explains the President of the biathlon Union of Russia Vladimir Drachev. He says Kasperovich came to Anterselva as a tourist.

“the reason for the search is simple — the statement of one of heads of the International biathlon Union (IBU), which Kasperovich, probably hiding under someone else’s accreditation and brings on world Cup illegal drugs,” — said Drachev “R-sport”.

“I Can assure you that we are the cleanest nation in the world. We passed more drug tests than everyone else. And I’m sure the problems with doping, we have now no,” said Drachev “EN-er-Ko” at the entrance to the hotel.

Loginov said that he fully trusts his personal trainer, which has long worked. Kasperovich was with Loginov in training in Ridnaun before the world Cup, and the Russian team stressed that he has nothing to hide.

No charges nor Loginov or Him is not shown.

Cooperate with the police

In the order of the Italian police to search the names of Loginov and Kasperovich.

it was also reported that the police received information from the IBU anti-doping Manager Sarah Fussek (Sarah Fussek). She says, “of EN-er-Ko” he did not know of semesan there dope or not, but stresses that the search just led the police investigation. With further questions she sent to the head of the security Department of the IBU.

the Head of this unit, Alex Marshall (Alex Marshall), confirmed that this is a police investigation, but the review turned out.

“IBU works with the police on this case. More than I can say,” says Marshall.

the Head of the press service of the IBU Christian Winkler (Christian Winkler) said that he heard about the searches from the media.

“We read about it in the press and watching the situation. We know about the situation, but at present nothing more to say we can’t,” said Winkler on Saturday morning.

the Surprised Norwegians

the Norwegian men news on Saturday the searches struck.

“I was surprised — like everyone else. We watch sports programmes on Saturdays at “EN-er-Ko”. Tell you about cross country skiing, as suddenly you: biathlon scandal, and quite loud. This is a bad prelude to the relay for everyone who loves the sport of biathlon,” says tarjei boe (Tarjei Bø).

They were teammates performed on Saturday is not the best way, so pleased with the silver. After the race the main topic was searched.

“it is Clear that we all think about it, and it is hardly a coincidence,” says Johannes Dale (Dale Johannes), adding a bit tired of such things.

usernames in the world Cup sprint win. The victory caused a lot of criticism, including from the brothers Be — they didn’t like that the world champion was disqualified athlete. Loginov had been disqualified for Ericrepoetin from 2014 to 2016.

the head of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev in an interview with the Russian “Match TV” called today’s events production.

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