For Jes and Amy Pærregaard transformed a skiing trip to Ischgl in Austria to a pure nightmare.

Expectant arrived the car on Saturday 7. march to the popular town in the heart of the Alps. But suddenly it went totally wrong for them and thousands of other ski tourists.

In the course of Sunday, it emerged that the city had been the center of corona-infection.

the Couple from Næstved felt it very directly Monday the 9. march in the morning.

“the guest House owner showed himself to be tested positive for the corona. He was up on a room, while we were walking around in the house. And it was the same man who the first two days, had made food for us,” says Dorte Pærregaard of 60 years.

Now had the pair quickly take a decision. Should they be or immediately run home?

“We chose to take the consequences of the so so crazy out there and just run home. We would not end up in quarantine down there,” she says.

It turned out to be just the right thing to do. Both had clearly been infected.

“I was sick when we came home, and Jes was the day after. So we kept us both at home in quarantine for two weeks,” says Dorte Pærregaard and continues:

“We are not in doubt about what we have failed. We had cough, fever, sore joints, and then we had lost our sense of smell and our sense of taste. Jes has come through it, but I have not got the senses completely again.”

the Couple is far from the only one to have felt the harsh consequences of having been on a skiing holiday in The austrian corona-hotspot.

In wyoming is the austrian consumer association Verbraucherschutzverein (VSV) in Vienna, in time to organize a collective action against the authorities in the Tyrol.

And it is pouring in with inquiries on WSW’s website from ski tourists, who believe that the authorities concealed information about the substantial risk of coronasmitte in Ischgl.

“on Monday, we had been contacted by 2,500 people, but it has risen and risen in recent days. Now has 3,500 written to us, and their rights are we going to manage,” said Peter Kolba, who is a former austrian politician and current president of the VSV, to B. T.

How many of these tourists will be in the collective action, so is from Denmark?

“I can see that there is 30, from Denmark, who has turned to us,” said Peter Kolba.

And there may be even more on the way.

Amy Pærregaard tells that they are now also ovevejer to turn to the organization, because they truly feel misinformed about how bad it was.

“I really think there has been misinformation all the way around. It’s something that annoys me. I can’t grab it,” she says.

Yes, actually it was one of the other ski tourists, who informed that the guest house’s owner was infected with the corona virus and was sick in a room in the guest house.

From the guides, house staff and the authorities was the mouth more closed.

“I took hold of the guides, who said ‘there is no panic, you can just take it easy’. They have simply been muted all along,” says Dorte Pærregaard.

According to Peter Kolba is it just disinformation and silence, most tourists are dissatisfied.

“When we have a clear picture of the course of events in Ischgl, will the class action go in time,” he says to the B. T.