Murielle Messerli (30) lucky in misfortune: The Bernese Coiffeuse had to at 17. March close your Salon. But at least you can Corona-the purchase of a replacement request. This belongs to the billions in aid, with the help of the Federal company in existence needs, reaches under the arms. Not only with loans, but also when income fails.

Depending on the legal form of the operation, the support can be different. Since the short-time work compensation: the companies that due to Corona not work, can apply for short-time working for employees. Also, the entrepreneurs can seek to short-time work – if you are employee in your own company. You will receive a flat fee of 3320 francs.

Strict rules when purchasing a replacement

on The other, there is the Corona-the purchase of a replacement for the self-employed, the lead to a single company. Because you can not apply for a short-time work, because they receive no actual wages and not in the unemployment insurance Deposit.

The Corona-substitute employment is a maximum of 196 Swiss francs of the day. He is subject to conditions: In the enjoyment of only the self-employed who had to close their business on the orders of the Federal Council, or because of the event of a ban, can no longer come to work. Or a free-lance artist, whose Engagements have been cancelled due to Corona. Also, who needs to take care of because of the school closures, children under the age of twelve, and is unable to work, may apply for and purchase a replacement. This is also true for those individual entrepreneurs, which were inserted by the doctor in quarantine.

Many remain on the track

That means in reverse: Many micro-entrepreneurs to stay on track. To a physiotherapist Moritz, G.* (43) belongs to. He has due to the Corona-lost measures, almost all of the customers. But he can’t close the therapy practice. He needs to urgently carry out the necessary treatments.

Also self-employed taxi drivers have bad luck: Because many are in the home office or in a Taxi, a contagion of fear, is missing from the clientele. Not a better wedding photographer, the graphic artist and the instrument Builder was made.

hardship clause for very small companies seam to take

But hope: As Minister of economic Affairs, Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (60, SVP) promised that the Federal Council is in the process of “analyzing these cases of micro-enterprises”. VIEW-research shows that Parmelin plans, a hardship clause for SMEs. For this purpose, the criteria for the income replacement should be relaxed.

The Federal Council wants to discuss at its meeting on Wednesday. However, the hardship clause could put the government in front of challenges: How do you secure such a Ewer legally? Up to what limit you should let the Corona are affected apply? It takes an income or asset limit? To such questions, the Federal Council must find answers. He is presenting on Wednesday in a pan-ready concept, is unlikely.

Economists call for capital-syringe

And the loss of Income is only one side. The other is can wear, such as micro-entrepreneurs running costs – shop rent, insurance, loan interest.

The ETH-Economists Hans Gersbach and Jan-Egbert Sturm asking for a “short-time working Regime for the capital”. The Federal government will not reimburse the loss of Income, but also such costs. The risk of Insolvency and worry reduce the company money remains to invest again. So the economy could start to Corona again.

Coiffeuse Messerli would help. With the Corona-purchase replacement alone can pay for your livelihood and the Salon rent. Still, she falls back on Savings. However, after three months that would be used up well.

*Name known to the editors

Now, SMEs help

get The Corona-crisis is hitting the Swiss economy, especially SMEs. Shops, Restaurants, Salons, museums and many more establishments have to temporarily close their doors. Many people see their life’s work in danger, don’t know how it goes, existence and fears-wide. Now quick, pragmatic and creative help is needed. The views of the group to contribute their part and supports as a cooperation partner of the Raiffeisen Initiative of the local On the free, non-profit Crowdfunding platform, the heroes can temporarily under all SMEs and local commercial projects intrude, and vouchers for the period after Corona or donations. Thus, short-term liquidity can be bridged loss problems and turnover. SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, it remains strong.

Corona-crisis: Here, the state helps to income

With a billion-dollar aid package to the Federal Council, the companies who come for the Corona-crisis in Existenznöte, under the arms. Not only with loans for businesses, but also in terms of income, which is now maybe.

Depending on the employment relationship, there are different forms of support. Firstly, there is the short-time working compensation.


companies that have due to Corona is no more work can be simplified, apply for short-time work for their employees. This also applies to fixed-term and temporary employees, as well as for apprentices. This will get 80 percent of the wage loss from unemployment insurance. Who can’t work, gets 80 percent of the salary. Whose workload has been reduced from 100 to 50 percent, the 50 percent of the salary from the employer, and 80 percent from the Rest from the unemployment insurance Fund.Short-time work compensation is also available for parents with child care age children, or if a doctor quarantined for the employees prescribed has short-time working schemes have been expanded and simplified – for example, the waiting period does not apply.

employers similar to employees:

considered to be employers of similar employees, for example, shareholders of a GmbH who work as employees in their own company. You can also apply for short-time work compensation.However, you do not get 80 per cent of the Wage or salary, but a fee of 3320 francs for a full-time.This package will also get people who work in the operation of the registered partner or a spouse.

in Addition, the Federal government under the income replacement scheme aligns the so-called Corona-the purchase of a replacement . The following four groups are eligible:

parents with children under 12 years of age are no longer able to work due to the lack of external childcare for people that need to be arranged by the doctor in quarantine and therefore not self-employed, have either no revenue, because on the orders of the Federal Council, the business must close, or because of the event of a ban, not get can to work free artists, whose Engagements had to be cancelled due to the Corona-measures, or even

canceled in Particular, in the case of self-employed there are, however, groups can work, the get no income support by the Federal government. The are:

the self-employed, which are not affected by the measures of the Federal Council, but less income because the customers won’t be back partially or in full. This includes taxi drivers, for example.Self-employed persons who have opted because of the current crisis, even for a closure of the business.

Gianna Blum


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.