First it was reported that FC Barcelona-the players refused to go down in salary.

Then came the announcement, that they were forced to go down in salary, after that FC Barcelona wanted to make use of the Spanish bail-out, ERTE.

Now explain Lionel Messi, what has happened in the much debated case of the FC Barcelona-the players ‘ salaries, as a consequence of the corona-the crisis has been lowered significantly.

in a posting on his Instagram profile.

‘First of all we will make it clear that we always have been willing to go down in salary, because we understand perfectly well that there is talk about an exceptional situation, and that we ALWAYS have been the first to help the club when we have been asked about it.’

‘For our part, the time has come to announce, that we, in addition to the reduction of our salary, with 70% under the state of emergency, will provide some contribution on top of, so that the club’s employees can get paid 100% of their salaries under this situation,’ according to messi’s postings on Instagram.

Thus it appears, therefore, that the FC Barcelona players still goes 70% down in pay, so long as the corona-the crisis.

But Messi puts in the advertisement does not hide the fact that the players haven’t been satisfied with management’s handling of the situation in the club. He will also hit out at the management.

‘Therefore, it does not stop to surprise us, that from inside the club was someone who tried to put us under the microscope and put us under pressure to get us to do something we had always said we would do.’

‘Actually is the reason why the agreement had to wait for a few days, that we just were looking for a way in which we could help the club and its employees in these times that are so difficult,’ writes Messi.

FC Barcelona have also confirmed the pay cuts in the 70% on the club’s website.

‘the Club wishes to express gratitude for all the professional athletes for their implication in such an exceptional situation, as this health crisis is the fault of the,’ write club among other things.

Spain is one of the hardest-hit countries of coronavirussen, and the country has adopted the curfew in order to get contained the infection.

this means that The inhabitants of Barcelona and rest of Spain are only allowed to leave their homes, if they must act or have documents proving that they have an important place to be.