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Wednesday pulled Bernie Sanders and will no longer battle to be the democratic party’s candidate at the presidential election in the fall.

Joe Biden is now left alone. He will probably be selected as presidential candidate by the Democratic united in august.

But in these days one can’t be sure it will be so. What looks likely today, may be totally unacceptable in just a few weeks.

Bernie Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist”. He will have the health care and higher education for all. So it is in Scandinavia, which he often holds up as an ideal.

In the day, the families of many ordinary working people in the united STATES cannot afford costly health insurance or expensive tuition fees.

Bernie Sanders pulls You need javascript to see the video. Too radical for americans

This political message to Bernie Sanders get in Norway, consent from all parties, from the outer right to outer left.

But in the united STATES see a lot of him as a dangerous socialist. If he gained power, the fear that he could change the united STATES into a new Venezuela.

Skepticism to Sanders goes far into the moderate section of the democratic party. Especially the older voters remember well that Bernie flirted with kommunistdiktaturene in the former Soviet union and in Cuba, and the sandinistas in Nicaragua.

Did not manage to mobilize the workers and youth

Bernie Sanders’ campaign went very well at the start of the primærvalgkampen. But he managed not to get african american voters.

And not enough from the working class – where he had done so well four years earlier in nominasjonsstriden against Hillary Clinton. In years passed their vote to Joe Biden.

78-year-old Sanders has aroused the enthusiasm of the young people in the united STATES. But he did not manage to get them to the polls. Still, there are very many more older than younger who show up to the polling stations.

Dangerous to go to the polls

A problem for Sanders was that he due to koronakrisen no longer be able to keep large folkemøter. It has been his best venue. It was also such a president Trump liked to meet the voters.

Tuesday’s primaries in Wisconsin was conducted against the Democratic wish. They wanted to postpone, but the Republicans in the state supreme court said no. Sanders would also expose, and thought it simply could be deadly to stand in the long queues of people in front of and inside the polling stations.

One of the reasons why he resigned now was to avoid more such harmful primaries in the months to come.

Support for the political message,

Bernie Sanders has been thinking for a while that it was time to give up. The primaries showed that he was not going to get enough delegates to be elected at the congress. Yet he continued – because he would keep his political message alive in the american consciousness.

It he has managed. Aided by koronaepidemien. More americans than ever before now see that it is necessary to organise hospitals and health services in a different way. And also ensure equal access to health care for all.

Bernie Sanders has not yet given his support to Biden, although he withdrew his candidacy. He will first see how far he can get with Biden on his political program. Biden and Sanders will now use the coming weeks to try hashing out shared policy targets, including within the health.

Biden has already moved much further to the left than he was previously, and has been willing to support many of the venstresidens policy particularly in education and health.

Is it on?

Although Sanders has ended his campaign, he will still gather the delegates to the congress in the next primaries.

Many of these options are deferred, and no one knows now whether it is justifiable to implement them at all before the Loss of items.

If there is something united is also uncertain. Currently, it is moved from July to august. Biden has already suggested that it is being conducted as a telemøte. And it is very much easier if there is only one candidate.

Election campaign on TV and the web

So korona is epidemic now developing in the united STATES, it will likely not be prudent to keep large folkemøter, nor throughout the fall. Thus, all campaigning be brought on TV and online.

Where has Trump great benefits. He now speaks directly to the people through their daily koronabrifinger, where he also takes up other issues that are important to him.

He also has an enormous apparatus for conducting election campaign on social media. An apparatus as Joe Biden do not have.

When the time comes for the TV-duels in the fall, it can also see that Trump has an advantage. He is a slugger, which is not reluctant to use the eye-popping tricks in the debates.

Joe Biden has not shown himself as a great debater during the primærvalgkampen. On the contrary, he has stumbled in the words and opinions a number of times. And so snubling know Trump to be able to exploit.

There will be presidential elections

Many wonder if it can be conducted a presidential election 3. november. Might the date be postponed a bit, if Congress and the president agree on it. Which is unlikely. And the constitution states that a new president must be ready within 20. January 2021, at 12 o’clock noon.

It can’t Trump rather not change by a presidential decree.

The big question is how the choice should be carried out.

If, for example, can occur through poststemmer. Where has the battle already started, and the Republicans oppose poststemmer, which they say could lead to valgjuks. But ultimately, it is each individual state that chooses how the voting shall take place.

Economy and the disease can determine

It is a very uncertain fall – also for the two u.s. presidential candidates.

Trump has until the epidemic started have been able to boast of a good economy for the united STATES and for americans as their best cards. But is it worse now, and the country going into an economic depression, it may be more difficult for the president to secure a re-election.

No one knows, nor how korona epidemic will develop in the time ahead. Being one of the two – or both – candidates sick, everything can be changed. For they are in the risk group, both two.

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