Button 16 000 people have been tested for coronaviruses so far, and about 12 percent have tested positive.

the Number of people infected with the corona virus continues to rise in Denmark.

Thursday is found 1851 cases where persons have been tested positive for the coronavirus. It is 127 more than on Wednesday, informs the Statens Serum Institut.

Total is 15.981 persons have been tested, which is 1022 more than Wednesday.

There is supposed to be great mørketal, since it so far have been people with strong symptoms, that have been tested.

Therefore, there may be many with mild or no symptoms, which is infected, but not recorded in the statistics.

the national board of Health presented on Wednesday new guidelines, which will help to ensure that more are being tested.

the Ambition is that one in the future will test up to 5000 danes on the day. It will be approximately a five-fold increase from the current level.

the Authorities are, however, challenged that there is a lack of test equipment, and in order to reach 5000 daily test is therefore a need to obtain extra.

A number of companies have offered to help – among other things, from south Korea – and at home it applies, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck and five universities.

so far, it is not clear what you want to do in order to obtain enough test.

Before you will be able to obtain equipment from new suppliers, the authorities must ensure that this is the test that can be mass produced and that they are safe and provide accurate results every time.

so far, 34 individuals have died while they were infected with the coronavirus.

the Figure is last updated on Wednesday at 12 o’clock. Therefore, there may be persons, who in the meantime have lost their lives.

Even if one is dead with the coronavirus, it is not necessarily the cause of death.

Several of the persons, who so far have died with the virus, had other serious diseases.