Two months of harsh travel restrictions is Wednesday on the road to be lifted in the Hubei province in China, where coronaepidemien first broke out.

the Province is on Wednesday so starting to return to everyday life, writes the news agency Reuters.The train rolls again from the stations in the province towards Beijing. Travelers may now go in and out of Hubei province, so long as they are free of symptoms.

From midnight, restrictions on the traffic eased. It also meant that some of the airports are reopened. On Friday all transport restriction be lifted, says transportansvarlig Wang Benju on Wednesday, according to AFP news agency.

But even though life is now gradually returning to normal, the authorities will still have to work on to prevent that again comes a wave of contagion, the insuring party secretary Ying Yong.

the Province’s businesses have given their employees the message that they must return to work as soon as possible.

the Schools are, however, not yet opened.

In the megapolis of Wuhan is also still closed. The train will be able to run to Wuhan from on Saturday.

Some bus lines in the city have resumed, writes the People’s daily Newspaper, but in the main, lifted the restrictions in Wuhan according to the plan, not before 8. april.

It was at a market in Wuhan, which was traded with live animals under questionable hygienic conditions, to coronavirusset is believed to have sprung from.

Hubei province has about 58 million people, of which about 11 million live in Wuhan.

China has not reported on the new smittetilfælde in the chinese cities in recent days. But the chinese sundhedskommission says that Wednesday found 47 cases of persons who have entered the country.