Bayern Munich has been a central defender and This Now, a fine will be imposed because he was against the guidelines of his house, and left. The German champions had reported on Wednesday that the 31-year-old Now, on Tuesday, without the consent of the club of Munich, and left. The amount of the fine, saying that the club is nothing, however, that the amount paid to a hospital in Munich, given to you.

“Play, and the players have this time to serve as a model”, according to the club. “Now, have acted in violation of the guidelines of the club. These guidelines are in line with those provided by the Bavarian state government and the recommendations of the health department.”

as for The illegal transportation of the Now, night, Wednesday, from the German newspaper, Bild. That it was able to report that it is Now Tuesday and the horror was released, in an accident with his car. Now, starting at the highway A9 within short distance of the German Selbitz, with his Mercedes, and was on the fence to go. Now, was not injured, but the damage done to his expensive car, it was significant. Then there came a day later, so it also has a hefty fine on the employer in the.

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“I was on my way to a four-year-old son. That was me on the phone to be told that he was ill, was the father Now, in response to the Picture. “I have had some of these sanctions also do not understand. I can be any kind of punishment, accept it, if that is the truth.” That’s not the case at all. I do realize, however, that it was wrong for the club, not immediately, but at the time, I thought only of my son. If my child needs me, then I will go, at what time, or what I’m that takes. I want to be with the father, is yet to be seen, which at that moment does not leave to be with his four-year-old son, too. That’s me in there for punishment, and I find that sad.”