There is found a further 11 deaths with coronasmittede patients since Thursday’s statement.

the Number of deaths with coronasmittede persons continues to rise in Denmark.

Friday is the number of 52 persons, which is 11 more than by the recent statement Thursday. It informs the Statens Serum Institut.

Although 52 people have died, while they were infected with the coronavirus, it is not necessarily the cause of death.

the Deaths included in the statistics, if one is dead, no later than 60 days after you were tested positive for the virus.

in addition to an increasing number of deaths, there are also several admissions to Danish hospitals with coronasmittede.

Friday is the number 430 persons. It is 44 more than Thursday. 109 of the patients are so sick that they are on an intensive care unit, and 89 of them need a respirator.

Denmark has continued in the first weeks of coronapandemien, which, according to the health authorities will peak in week 16 – the week after easter. The forecast is, however, uncertain.

Friday is the number of confirmed infected people increased by 133 to the 2010 persons.

the Number of positive cases is not equal to the total number infected in Denmark, since individuals with mild or no symptoms not being tested.

Therefore, there will be many who are infected, but not recorded in the statistics.

the national board of Health estimates that up against the 580,000 danes – about ten percent of the population – will be infected with corona virus in the first wave of the disease in the course of the spring.

Out of those infected, up to 11.200 danes be so sick of coronavirusset that they need to be hospitalized, and 2800 should have intensive treatment.

at the same time, the estimate is that between 1680 and 5600 danes will die, while they are infected with coronavirus.

Authorities estimate, however, that the number of deaths will be in the low end of the range.