As said at the briefing in the regional government the Minister of health of the region Konstantin Halzov, the experience gained over two and a half months, allows physicians to observe this category of patients at home and conduct, if necessary, all the necessary therapy.

In this case, as the Minister said, it is important to note that patients with asymptomatic form, usually no complications or deterioration.

We are very seriously to the new format work, so together with the regional Ministry for digital development and communication modified mobile application “112 – Emergency”. In fact, today app looks like the telehealth communication between the patient and our medical staff. We added application of special functions, which allows almost real time monitoring of patients, which transmit information about your condition to medical workers. Setting the application to this category is required, – has told about new technical solutions Konstantin Halzov.

In the case of the deterioration of the patient’s health the question of his hospitalization is considered in each case.

Speaking about the current epidemiological situation, the Minister said that during all the time of the pandemic, more than 1,200 people in the Novosibirsk region issued after recovery from a coronavirus infection, 2790 people remain under surveillance.

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According to the operational headquarters, on the morning of June 2 in the region of per day identified 106 cases of infection with coronavirus infection, 85 – discharged after recovery. The total number of infections COVID-19 in the region amounted to 3020. The region has made 118027 tests for coronavirus. Under medical supervision remain 2790 inhabitants of the region, 17848 person removed from the observation.