The U.S. Senate wants to Novartis now in-depth information about the manipulation of data relating to gene therapy Zolgensma. The Swiss-based pharmaceutical multi-criminal threatening and civil legal consequences, reported VIEWS in the past week.

In the case of Novartis, it has to be shortly before the announced test data-manipulation sensitivity of the share sale, in which a Manager was the cashier. According to the report, the “Sunday newspaper” has on 19. July, a member of the Executive Board or an Executive member of the Board 10’000 to Novartis sells shares and 925’400 Swiss francs taken.

On the 28. In June, the group had informed the US FDA about the fact that it came at the Novartis subsidiary Avexis to Manipulation of research data, the gene therapy Zolgensma. At the time of the sale of Shares to the Public knew about it but still nothing.

FDA has made manipulation of public

The Public was only on 6. August by the FDA informed. According to Novartis, the transaction had not been tested and approved, “the Person was in possession of material information that is relevant,” says a Novartis spokesperson of the newspaper.

An unnamed major shareholder criticized, however, the sale and the fact that Novartis does not mention the case in the half-year report. The drug Zolgensma against muscular dystrophy in babies is a price of two million dollars (1.95 million Swiss francs) per dose, the most expensive drug in the world.

The US food and drug administration alleges that Novartis, the Concealment of manipulated test data prior to approval. (SDA/uro)