AZ-Interview with Thomas Helmer (54). The former professional of the FC Bayern now works as a presenter of the CHECK 24 dual pass (Sundays at 11 a.m. on Sport1).

AZ: Mr. Helmer, you might be able to end this sentence: The “CHECK24 double-pass” during the Corona of a crisis without an audience in the Studio is…

THOMAS HELMER: …totally different, unfamiliar. My Director said to me the other day during the broadcast into the ear: “Thomas, continue to talk, there is no applause from the audience now.” (laughs) Because you have to really get used to first off. Our Band is currently also in the Studio. But of course, all Other occupational sectors, it is still much heavier than we: The gastronomy, for example, Doctors, the entire medical field. These people are really suffering from the crisis.

the League is missing to you personally?

to Me, especially the pictures, the disputable situations on the court. What we have excited us this season already through the Video wizard… I think the Fans will be happy about that now in the break, at least, still more about football written, and discussed. Otherwise it would be boring. But this uncertainty, what time is it, finally, you can go further, for all a burden.

Thomas Helmer: “The guys are not cyclists,”

How hard is it from a game point of view?

You just can not have a clear goal to work towards. This is for a professional the worst. It is great that the clubs such as FC Bayern have brought your players Spinning-wheels to the home, and, now, the Cyber-Training to organise. But the guys are not cyclists, they are footballers! Want to going outside to play, exercise,. It is an extremely difficult Situation for all football players, not only for the professionals but also for all Amateurs.

The season is to be played, somehow, be the end. Maybe it starts in the middle of may, but for sure without the Fans. Your opinion on this?

As a former footballer I can say that mind games are a disaster for the players. This feels like a friendship game, such as the pre-season. But the guys will be happy at the same time, to be able to ever play again after such a long break.

photo: SPORT1/Getty_Images/Widmann Thomas Helmer: “As a former footballer I can say that mind games are a disaster for the players.” Thomas Helmer: “Manu is the captain, he is the FC Bayern”

Uli Hoeness is a whole new football world expected, after the crisis, in terms of salaries and transfer fees. You too?

in Principle, I find the approach of Uli very well. If the humility that prevails currently, with the result that in the future reasonable action is taken, it would be a profit. To me the solidarity that there is now in society and in football, but I’m not sure how long they will continue like that. If it is sometime after the crisis, the next Superstar will shoot the prices back up.

Speaking of which: FC Bayern just contract talks with Manuel Neuer and David Alaba, in the case of two players, a change after this season seems possible. How painful would that be from Munich?

Bayern would be ill-advised to let these two players go. Manu is the captain, he is the FC Bayern. This season he’s playing at an outstanding level. I also don’t believe that he wants to leave Bayern, even if Chelsea would be an interesting club for him, London is a great city. My feeling tells me that it will be extended again for two or three years at Bayern, and then a task in the Association is offered.

Thomas Helmer: “For Coutinho, I’m skeptical,”

And Alaba?

When it really should have been that he was offered to Manchester City as an object of Exchange, I would be in its place extremely upset. This is definitely not a vote of confidence for a player. Alaba is not a young man anymore, but one of the most important players in the Bayern squad. I have the feeling that he wants to again do something different in his career. It’s not the money.

2021 will not only run the contracts of New and Alaba. Also, Thomas Müller and Thiago hope to have a new working paper.

I would extend with both players immediately. Müller, you have to make a stop, he plays regularly and is also very convincing. Together with Manuel Neuer, he is the identification figure for Bayern. And against Thiago, I have great respect. In his Position, you have to find a Better one. Müller and Thiago are players who know exactly how the FC Bayern works. A new Star would first need time to understand the club.

How the perspectives of the players out on loan Alvaro Odriozola, Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Perisic are?

For Odriozola, it is very a pity, he comes almost to no inserts. There is nothing to suggest that Bayern obliged him. Even with Coutinho, I’m skeptical. His class he has shown at Bayern in approaches. He is a player, in the drum around, everything has to fit. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Perisic, however, has assumed the role of attorney, he is a valuable Option from the bench. I could imagine that he stays.

photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa Bayern-Trainer Hansi Flick, Thomas Helmer: “Flick has gained in profile”

for a Long time you could not imagine at Jérôme Boateng, but under coach Hansi Flick, he has become an important pillar.

Boateng has made it really super in the past few months, he is preceded. Because you can make him a huge compliment. He was already written off and then come back so strong. Respect! There are currently only few arguments that speak against a future at Bayern. Maybe a rethink in the club now. In the case of Boateng, you know what it means to you.

Would be in Leipzig Dayot Upamecano is potentially a good Boateng replacement?

Upamecano is currently one of the outstanding interior defender. He has the speed, the body, the size of him, I am really excited. If you can get this player, you have to strike. The same is true for Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen. I would bring it immediately to Bavaria.

Should extend Bayern soon with Hansi Flick?

There is nothing absolutely against an extension. The team is in great shape and plays a great football. Like Bayern in front of the Corona-crisis has occurred because there is no opponent had a Chance. Flicks way he presents himself in Public and verbally holds it, like me. He has gained in profile and all the chances as a head coach at Bayern deserves.

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