1. Family insurance

If the spouse is compulsorily insured in the Statutory health insurance and you do not deserve even more than 455 Euro in the month, it is possible to switch back into a health insurance Fund and is co-insured free-of-charge to the Partner.

This step is the same for all private health insurance customers over the age of 55 is often the only way back to the statutory health insurance. explains Thorulf Muller from the insurance Advisor Expertennetzwerk24 in the “world”: “you Have met the conditions for a membership once, you can remain the consumer in the Shi.”

surf tip: Too old for the return? Press your current contribution

2. Part-time

work to return to A simple way for employees under 55 years of age in the Shi, the 2019 bearing Bridge part-time led. With her, it is possible to work only for a certain period of time part-time – and to slip so thanks to the Salary reduction in the obligation to take out insurance. For this purpose, the annual income must be below 62.550 Euro. Who earns only a little more, the rich may already be a few months part-time for the exchange.


3. Unpaid time off

Who thinks, instead of the part-time a Sabbatical leave would be acceptable, you are wrong in the rule. Only those who have a legal claim, such as in the public service, can take advantage of this loophole. For this, he needs but a minimum of twelve months out of the Job. For whom is the change in the statutory health insurance is more important than-the-world trip, you should consider the Federal volunteer service in more detail. Here, one is committed to a year of social – and back then, in an insurance company.

4. Fee

The third way to push his employees salary, convert the deferred compensation is. For this purpose, a part of the salary is paid in direct insurance, for example, in a company pension. A maximum of 3312 euros each year to Deposit. So this tool works only for employees who earn no more than 65.862 Euro in the year. Display

5. Value credits

The Alternative is to value assets. The employer pays a portion of salary on a long-term account. With the end of the employment relationship is transferred, the amount of the German pension insurance. This pays for the credits, then one after the other.

6. Job changes

Who doesn’t want to change the Job and return to the statutory health insurance, should leave between the last and first day of work, some time will pass. Just a few days of unemployment for a claim on a place in the GKV. “As soon as someone is unemployed, he is also insured by law, regardless of whether he is entitled to unemployment benefits or not,” says Müller.

7. Abroad

a contract of employment abroad is a possibility, but difficult. Because there is neither a posting nor a self-employed activity after the return exchange reason. The employee must fully retire from the German social system and in the respective country. This is possible, among other things, in the countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Rest-Yugoslavia. But be careful: the returnees have to be sharply checked, since rogue advisers have tried to make with this method the checkout. Therefore, the Federal office for Social security look very carefully. Chickpea-Snack – easy to prepare and perfect for any movie night PCP chickpea-Snack – easy to prepare and perfect for any movie night Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease