In the fall of 2019 traveled Norwegian Nerid Hooiness to Asia, because she had a tremendous interest in yoga.

But it would have been a dream, ended as a nightmare in Laos, where she was found killed. It writes Dagbladet.

the 30-year-old Nerid Hooiness was on the trip became lovers with Ogu Hiroyuki from Japan, and he is prime suspect for the killing.

Police believe that he has choked Nerid Hooiness on the room they stayed at in Laos. Then he would have driven the body out in the jungle on a motorcycle.

The 38-year-old japanese person is wanted internationally by Interpol.

According to the daily Newspaper should Ogu Hiroyuki having told her family in Norway, that she took her own life.

This does not, however, consistent with the obduktionsrapporter, which has been prepared in both Laos and Norway.

the Mother of Nerid Hoiness, Ellen Høiness, saying in an interview with the Newspaper, that she could sense that something was wrong.

“I was very worried, for it was not the Nerid, I knew. The conversations became fewer and fewer. Gradually appeared also strange things up on her pages on Facebook and Instagram.”

The 30-year-old yoga lover, had in the beginning of his journey, had some contact with his mother. Among other things, over the phone.

Ellen Hoeiness tells, that her daughter wanted to marry Ogu Hiroyuki, after they had known each other for three weeks.

She’s gone public with the story of her daughter’s tragic death to warn young people about to travel to foreign cultures.