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” We know the us safe, but wish we could have been at home. It is there to not know how long we must be here, that is the worst, ” says Amalie Fjeld and Noble Kristin Haugland to NRK.

Students studying intercultural understanding by the NLA university College in Bergen, and is now on study trips in Peru. The group visited several cities and places in Peru.

Then came the koronakrisa and now they come not home again. In addition, the must keep themselves in a hotel room on the strict restraints from the government.

– All take it easy. We hope the authorities can help us, ” says Haugland.

GET the TIME TO GO: Kortspel works fine in isolation in a hotel room.

Photo: Martine Teigland Portforbod

Students experience a strict regime in Peru. The country has introduced portforbod because of koronaviruset.

It is the only entirely adopted things like shop or go to the doctor, that is the law, tell the students to NRK via Skype.

We are allowed to go to fetch food, but then we have to return to the room. The hotel has removed all of the chairs and tables in the fellesareala. We tried to tan us, but was not allowed to be there. We saw the sun through the window of the room.

– they Are afraid to be sick?

Not right now. It is much less the case in Peru. It is under 100 suffering now, but that may soon change, says Haugland.

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SOLAR INSIDE: Students get not allowed to be there. Thus they must enjoy the sun from the hotel room.

Photo: Noble Kristin Haugland Engstelege parents

In the country, sit engstelege parents, who do what they can to get their children home. One of foreldrepara sit in Kristiansand.

We are most afraid that the situation will take. That there may be a lack of food, water and medicine worries about us too, ” says His Hermansen, who is the father of one of them, which now is isolated in Peru.

He talks daily with his daughter on Skype. Hermansen has contacted all the political party in Parliament, the prime minister’s office, ministry of foreign AFFAIRS and minister of children and equality.

ENGSTELEGE: Kjerstin Merethe Hermansen and His Hermansen jobs to get his daughter home to Norway.

Photo: Frans Kjetså / NRK Oppløftande information

Students say that they have done what they can to get out of the country on their own.

as early as last Friday, tried them to get home, but it was impossible to get hold of flybillettar.

But Wednesday gave them a oppløftande information. According to the students have namely the government of Peru adopted a new law, which says that foreign citizens can be taken home.

But førespurnaden must come from the Norwegian government. We can not organize any trip out yourself, ” says Haugland and Fjeld.

IN the STUDY: 14 students and two teachers come not back from Peru because of koronaviruset. Peru has closed all borders. No hope the students on the help from the ministry of foreign affairs.

Photo: Private In the dialogue with the ministry of foreign AFFAIRS

the Rector at NLA university College in Bergen, norway, Egil Morland, said that the Wednesday evening is in dialogue with the ministry of foreign affairs (UD) and the Norwegian consulate in Peru to find a solution.

NRK has been in contact with the ministry of foreign affairs. They say that they aren’t familiar with that reisefølgjet on 16 sit stuck in Peru.

We are engaged in the situation their, and is in contact with other countries to get an overview of what possibilities there, type UD in an e-mail to NRK, where they otherwise refers to the information on its website about what norwegians abroad has of the possibilities.

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