Norwegian skiers and runners broke the world record that had stood for 37 years

Norwegians Gear Body and the brothers Anders and jørgen Aukland set a world record for the longest continuous cross-country skiing, breaking last weekend 516 kilometers in 31 hours.

the Previous record was 500 km and belonged to the Norwegian Bjorn the Løkken, which in 1983 he covered the distance in 48 hours.

the current members of the marathon runners had two assistants who were carrying equipment for ski waxing and the food supply needed for a given period, said NRK.

Die Rekordjagd nach der lngsten Skitour, nicht ganz ohne Kritik in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: #xcski #langlauf #skilanglauf #516km #andersaukland

— Redaktion (@XCSkiDE) March 31, 2020

“the aim of the race was to stay on the slopes as long as possible. We got a lot of experience. It was cool to see how long your body can continue to move, pushing the limits of the impossible,” wrote Goar Body on his page on Instagram.

Another record – the longest route traversed on skis in 24 hours, last week tried to beat the 27-year-old Norwegian Erik USDOL. But his race ended after 18 hours and 50 minutes at around 376 kilometers due to the skier breathing problems.