once again, the Norwegian princess Märtha Louise’s sweetheart placed themselves in the middle of a storm. First claimed Durek Verrett to be able to cure cancer, then he would ‘cleanse’ women’s abdomen, and now he has thus found the solution of the corona-onset.

With statements that you can protect themselves from the corona virus by sending a mantra out into the universe, becomes Durek Verrett criticised for being ‘completely mad’.

It writes the Swedish Dam, who have spoken with Dan Larhammar, a professor in molecular cell biology at the university of Uppsala and president of the royal academy of sciences in Sweden.

“It’s some of the worst I have heard. The man seems to be completely mad. It is so idiotic and sad. It is a shame that he is spreading his message to so many people,” says the professor.

On Instagram, has the self-declared shaman thus shared an advertisement for its meditation exercises, which can give people the internal strength to protect itself and strengthen the immune system’.

‘These meditations will seal your energy field from negative energies and viruses,’ writes Durek Verrett for the lookup.

Princess-my bf has in the past in the american talk show ‘This morning’ argued that the corona-the crisis for him came not as a surprise. In fact, he had already foreseen in his book ‘Spirit of Hacking’.

“In shamanismen we have something, which we call The Blackout. It’s about a stage in evolution where we all have to meet and remove all the superficial things that we invest our energy in. We need to take care of the earth, each other and the animals.”

“This is the first phase, known as ‘the plague’, where we throw our narcissism and realize what is important,” he explained in the program.

These statements have been the Norwegian commentator Ingeborg Senneset to call him a ‘shameless opportunist’. She believes that he is simply trying to sell more books.

“So the first launches of the theories and methods, with which people can protect themselves against coronavirussen, and only after the outbreak has been declared a pandemic, he believes to have foreseen it?” sounds rhetorical from the contributor, as the Norwegian Dagbladet has spoken with.

“If we must buy the fact, I would like to know the following: What is the reason that he was not warned about it in advance? What has he foreseen without saying anything? And what is the reason why he does not mention the word ‘pandemic’ in his book?”

It is not the first time, since corona-the crisis really announced its arrival in Scandinavia, to Durek Verrett has spoken on the virusudbruddet and has been criticised for it.

At the end of February, he shared so advice on how to make your own håndsprit with oils and vodka. Something that made the doctor and the writers Kari Løvendahl Mogstad to risk in flint over to the Norwegian Newspaper, and call him ‘irrelevant’.

To his defense explained Durek Verett following in an email to the media:

‘I support WHO and what they stand for. My lookup was in order to give people a method to not be afraid of the spread of the coronavirus. The oils are there to provide extra protection, after you’ve followed the advice from the WHO. It is after you have washed your hands, you must lubricate them with oil. I’m sorry, if it was not clear to all.’