If you’re arriving to your home country after a stay abroad, you should direct in the 14-day quarantine.

How are the rules in several places the world over in these times as a result of the corona virus.

But not everyone follows the calls from the world’s authorities. A 22-year-old man from Oslo, Norway chose even to break the rules three times. It writes TV2 Norway.

the Man arrived to Norway from Sweden on 25. march, why he really should have stayed at home to and with the 10. april.

nevertheless, he was present at Alexander Kiellands Plass in central Oslo. Police were call to the site with ordenspetakel why you came across the man the first time and registered the breaking of the karantænereglerne.

the Evening after the mad again.

the Police in Oslo, stopped a private car, as there was a suspicion of drink driving. Among the car’s passengers was the 22-year-old man once again.

And the night to today (Monday, red.) he was again recognized, why the hammer fell.

“on the Night of Monday observed a patrol car and made a new control. There sat the man again. Since it was the third time, it was decided to apprehend and arrest him,” said inspector in Oslo, Vidar Pedersen, for TV2 Norway.

The 22-year-old Norwegian now stands to receive multiple fines and risk of imprisonment for infringement of the ‘smittevernsloven’, as it is called in Norway.

the purpose of the Law is to protect the population against the spread of infectious diseases and applies to all residing within Norway’s borders.

Also in Denmark should be home in 14 days if you are arriving from abroad.