North Korea said nothing about the health of Kim Jong UN

the government and the media of North Korea did not respond to reports of health problems among the country’s leader Kim Jong UN made in South Korea and in the West. This was reported by Reuters.

it is Reported that all the reports and published materials look as if not a day earlier it was reported that a politician is in critical condition.

According to Tae Yong Ho, the former North Korean Ambassador in London, escaped from the country to South Korea in 2016, the behavior of a state media unusual. Previously, they were quick to respond to foreign messages about the North Korean leader to deny various rumors about it.

“Whenever it was reported something controversial, North Korea in a matter of days acted to show that he is alive and well”, — quotes Agency of his word.

Earlier, a North Korean Agency Yonhap denied information about the deteriorating health of North Korean leader. This was confirmed by the representative of the presidential administration of South Korea.

April 21, CNN reported that Kim Jong UN is in critical condition after surgery. Information in Washington get from one of the American representatives with direct access to the information.

Kim Jong UN missed celebration of the birthday of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, which was held on April 15, which caused a number of suspicions about the state of his health. Four days before that, he was present at the government meeting.