The Nordic Combined World Cup 2022/23 has finally started again. On January 27th it will continue for the women and men in Seefeld. With us you can see an overview of all dates and find out when and where you can follow the World Cup as a live stream and on TV.

The Nordic Combined World Cup 2022/23 will be broadcast live on ARD and ZDF. Another live stream will be broadcast on the Joyn streaming service.

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The dates of the women:

Men’s appointments:

ARD and ZDF have almost 400 hours of live reporting in their programs. The two public TV channels alternate on the weekends, ARD will start this year and, after the first biathlon races during the week, will show the first continuous program this Saturday for almost six hours. The special interest channel Eurosport has even more winter sports in its program.

There are some changes due to the football World Cup in winter. Several winter sports have been relocated to avoid football. The first ski jumping started earlier than usual, the discipline “largely elegantly avoided the World Cup”, as ARD program director Thomas Wehrle put it.

Some associations have postponed competitions to the new year. The broadcasters have “already coordinated with the various associations over the long term in order to keep overlaps as low as possible,” explained ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky. The public broadcasters also have more World Cups than otherwise only on the Internet.

The first and the second usually broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays from early morning to late afternoon. This Saturday, the ARD starts at 8.55 a.m. and offers, among other things, biathlon, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and bobsleigh. Until 3.15 p.m. there is winter sports in the first, it looks almost identical on Sunday. The round of 16 of the World Cup kicks off at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. So if you want, you can watch sports for more than twelve hours.

The second big winter sports weekend runs on ZDF. On Saturday in one week (December 10th) the second will show world cups on snow and ice from 10:10 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., at 4:00 p.m. a quarterfinal of the Qatar World Cup will be kicked off. There will be no games in Qatar on Sunday (December 11) and there will be no competition in winter sports.

Winter sports fans who don’t like the public service selection or find it too small can switch to Eurosport. According to its own statements, the niche broadcaster has more than 1,100 hours of programming on various platforms. For example, on Saturday and Sunday in the late afternoon there will be alpine skiing in Beaver Creek and Lake Louise at Eurosport. The broadcaster, which belongs to Warner Bros. Discovery, also relies on paid offers.

The ARD has a new expert duo in biathlon. Arnd Peiffer and Erik Lesser work for the first, Magdalena Neuner and Kati Wilhelm are no longer in action. The unchanged ZDF team includes Toni Innauer (ski jumping), Marco Büchel (alpine skiing), Sven Fischer and Laura Dahlmeier (biathlon).

Eurosport has the most experts on the microphone, including Martin Schmitt, Werner Schuster (ski jumping), Michael Rösch (biathlon), Vicky Rebensburg (alpine skiing), Jochen Behle (cross-country skiing) and Hans-Peter Pohl (Nordic combined).

The big gold favorite Norway is reaching for the first title at the Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof. The world champion and Olympic champion will compete next Wednesday (2:45 p.m./ZDF and Eurosport) on the Rennsteig in the mixed team relay with World Cup dominator Johannes Thingnes Bö, Sturla Holm Laegreid, Marte Olsbu Röiseland and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. As the Norwegian association announced on Friday, it is still to be decided in which exact order the quartet will go on the 4 x 6 kilometers in Thuringia. Who will be there for the German team at the home game will not be announced until next week.