the publication said that the reason for the refusal was the fact that the pipeline was not completed until may 2019. The decision is still pending, until may 8, the parties shall submit their arguments to the Federal network Agency, after which it “quickly decide”.

In the case of the denial of the right to immunity “Nord stream-2” from the requirements of the updated EU gas Directive, Russia will be able to fill the pipeline is only half, because the Directive restricts the volume of gas flow for the owners of transport infrastructure, in this case pipeline. Under the Russian laws the export of natural gas can be accomplished only by “Gazprom”, which owns the “Nord stream-2”.

“and the stream-2” includes two threads of a gas pipeline from Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Its total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. It is planned that the pipeline will be launched later this or early 2021.