Gazprom has stated that the continued operation of Nord Stream 1 cannot be guaranteed. The EU is now developing an emergency plan for the gas supply stop. The oral hearing in the SPD proceedings on the party expulsion of former Chancellor Schröder will take place today.

According to Moscow, the restart of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline after the current maintenance work is primarily the responsibility of the West. “As for the operation of the gas pipeline in the future, much will depend on our partners – both in terms of demand for gas and in terms of preventing the negative impact of illegal restrictive measures,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said , according to the Interfax agency on Thursday.

Zakharova specifically referred to the case of a turbine that was overhauled in Canada but then not returned to Russia due to Western sanctions. In the meantime, however, Canada has decided to hand over the turbine to Germany. Russia had significantly throttled gas deliveries to Germany in June, citing the missing part as the reason.

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