the Musicians showed the audience a song entitled “Katatsumuri”. This work they called an experiment in Japanese-style “Renga”. Despite the text of the verses of the recitatives, filled with vivid images, home, the metaphorical essence of the song lies in its chorus: “All of life was as the palm of a small snail on the hillside. Snail crawling on a clear plan at the very mouth of the volcano”. Needless to explain who Ivan Alekseev (the so-called Noise in the world) compares the cochlea.

the Rapper did a cover of provocative song, “All as at people” Yegor Letov, was playing with poems of Brodsky. The time has come to adapt to modern Japanese poetry. The rapper wrote on the social network:

the Famous Japanese treastise haiku became a separate genre is not right: originally it referred to the first stanza of the poem in the style of “Renga”, which means “collaborative poetry”. Renga is a poetic polylogue, where each next participant develops, continues or, conversely, unexpected ways reverses the meaning of the preceding lines. Medieval poet Nijo Yoshimoto wrote: “the Purpose Renga — old, well known truth to Express in a new way… the Ultimate destination Renga — spice up famous.” Thus, in its original essence, any haiku is like an invitation to collective verbal game. One of the most famous haiku in the history was written by Kobayashi Issa and in Russian transcription sounds like “Katatsumuri! Soro-Soro getting higher and higher the Fuji-but the hole!”

“a Small snail! Slowly climb up the mount Fuji!” This is the rough translation of these lines… this Verse repeatedly translated and quoted — it mentions Salinger in the novel “Franny and Zooey”, and the Strugatsky brothers even took from him the name of his novel “the Snail on the slope”… the Meaning of these verses so infinite, so multifaceted that it is possible to write volumes and still fail to exhaust. This tiny man, lost in the Universe, and that the only way that you can only take do great things, and the equality of the smallest with a huge… can Continue indefinitely”. V. Pelevin “the Secret views of mount Fuji”.

Linda bring to your attention his Renga — this track is called “Katatsumuri”. On the cover of the single depicts tihohodka — the most tenacious creature on Earth: it is able to endure a week-long stay in space, to fall into suspended animation for many decades, and borrow genes from other organisms. When the environmental conditions are of extreme become incompatible with life, these microscopic animals are dry, draw the limbs and are covered by a waxy shell — later to continue at the first opportunity. The road axislit running.