Manchester City and Liverpool FC have already signed new stars, while Manchester United are still without access. Even Cristiano Ronaldo is now worried about the club’s transfer passivity.

ManUnited inactive in transfers, Ronaldo annoyed: Cristiano Ronaldo is worried – while the United competition is busy buying new players, the “Red Devils” are unsuccessful on the transfer market. The disappointment about his club’s lack of transfer activities is now so great that the world footballer is considering personal consequences.

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Ronaldo is thinking of leaving because of a lack of transfers: As the Spanish “AS” reports, Ronaldo urgently wants new players in the team. However, should United not manage to sign enough strong talents in the summer, the Portugal international wants to consider a change of club.

Disappointing yield from United so far: In the past few weeks, United has repeatedly been linked to a wide variety of transfer rumours, for example Frenkie de Jong from Barcelona. However, the club cannot announce a change yet.