The same thing every year: traffic jams on the highways, everyone wants to go on vacation at the same time. And when you get to your destination, the streets are overcrowded and in the restaurant you meet lots of fellow German vacationers. However, with our tip you can avoid this crowd.

If you want to avoid crowded beaches, alleys and restaurants, you can either go on holiday to a little-known exotic country – or pay attention to the right time. Because many German families go away during the school holidays. So it’s worth knowing when no one is on vacation this year. The best thing: The ideal period is also perfect for spontaneous vacationers.

There are still two ideal holiday periods this year in which German school children do not have any holidays. If you still want to book now, you should take these periods into account. The first is September: Immediately after the summer holidays, there are no holidays for the students for three weeks – and therefore no families going on holiday either. Another advantage: This is low season in popular holiday destinations such as Croatia or Italy. This means that the costs of the vacation are significantly reduced.

The second period is a little longer, but also significantly later in the year. We’re talking about the weeks after the fall break, after which classes start in German schools. Specifically, this means that in 2024 there will be no holidays from November 3rd to December 18th. If you’re now thinking that it’s no longer holiday weather, you should just look at the southern hemisphere. Because while we are quickly heading towards winter, summer is just beginning there.

So if you appreciate fewer crowds and cheap deals, you should plan your vacation for one of these periods. Because the probability of meeting German fellow holidaymakers is then extremely low.

If you want to book your vacation for next year, you should focus on spring and mid-June. Mid-April to mid-May is particularly suitable, as this is the time between the Easter and Whitsun holidays. While in Germany summer has often not really started yet, in the south the orchids are often already blooming. If you need a taste of summer, this is the place for you. The advantages of the low season also apply here.

From mid-June to mid-July, the breathing space before the summer holidays. This is the perfect time, especially for domestic holidaymakers, for a real summer holiday away from the German crowds. All that can go wrong is the weather. A look at the weather forecast is particularly recommended for spontaneous vacationers.

Find out about the current weather here: Weather in the ticker – thunderstorm belt across Germany – water is taking cars away in Upper Palatinate