A woman from Hamburg has been suffering from migraines for 14 years. She often has symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and hallucinations. But why is the disease so difficult to treat?

25-year-old Sophia Quantius from Hamburg has been suffering from severe migraines since she was eleven, reports “today.at”. She suffers at least eight seizures every month. She often experiences symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, hallucinations, paralysis and visual disturbances.

The Hamburg native gives an insight into her life on Instagram. She posts videos showing what it’s like when she gets migraines. Over the past 14 years, she has often vomited because the pain is so severe. Since she has had such severe pain from migraines, she has been looking for help.

So far, however, unsuccessful. Quantius writes on Instagram: “Migraines are incredibly individual. And therefore also disgustingly unpredictable. It can express itself differently from person to person.” That’s why the 25-year-old shares her experiences on social media. Your goal? “I want to fight against the stigmatization of the disease.”

Her partner Malte is also at a loss. He tries to support Quantius as best he can, but he doesn’t know what to do either. To better cope with these situations, the couple started filming the seizures. Malte says: “That helped us a lot.”

Despite this, Quantius continues to experience severe pain from her migraine attacks. She has already tried many forms of therapy. She says: “I feel like there is no form of therapy left that I don’t know or have tried.”

The big problem with migraines is that you have to convince other people that you are sick, explains Quantius. A neurologist has now prescribed her a migraine injection. From now on she will take this once a month. However, it will only be possible to say in a few months whether the injection will help.

Quantius is affected by particularly severe migraine attacks. She suffers from a so-called migraine with aura. According to “gesundheitsinformation.de”, this is what is said when people experience symptoms such as paralysis or speech disorders. An aura usually ends after less than an hour and is replaced by typical migraine pain.

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