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As previously known be taken the Armed helicopter out of the emergency 15. april, despite a strong local desire to retain it in an uncertain time with korona-the pandemic.

Now make the Health the North several measures to improve ambulanseberedskap and medical transportation under the korona-the pandemic. Among other things, a civil helicopter in Tromsø, transportkuvøser for infected patients, and they discuss the rental of aeroplanes and helicopters with a civilian company.

This work must be completed before they can be asking for further help from the Defense, ” says helseforetaket to NRK Wednesday night.

In an e-mail printer, managing director, Health North, Cecilie Daae, the following:

“Health nord’s strategy to ensure the transportation of patients, both infected and non-infected, is a conscious and wise use of resources.”

– Health North makes ongoing assessments and preparations, type adm. director, Health North, Cecilie Daae.

Photo: Bente H] / NRK

“The work proceeds with further action. Among other things, has Luftambulansetjenesten dialogue with civil airline to be able to rent additional aircraft/helicopter, which has special significance for Health in the North.”

Requires the extension

East-Finnmark regional council want that the Armed helicopter that was stationed in Kirkenes before christmas – still should be there.

the Council have today sent a letter to the minister of health where they require agreement between the Health North, and Defence will be extended until korona-the pandemic is under control.

Managing director at East-Finnmark regional council, Trond Haukanes.

Photo: Ksenia Novikova / NRK

– I think that it is perhaps not so wise. We had recommended that this was continued, especially with regard to korona epidemic not even in Finnmark is going to be spared, says Trond Haukanes, who is the general manager at East-Finnmark regional council.

Chairman of the board in East-Finnmark regional council, Wenche Pedersen, agrees with Haukanes.

Chairman of the board in East-Finnmark regional council, Wenche Pedersen.

Photo: Frida Ravna Rømo / NRK

– I fully support the medical association in Finnmark, which has said that in the situation we are in now with koronasmitte and it’s going to be the needs, so one should not create uncertainty around exactly this.

Sør-Varanger newspaper wrote on Tuesday that mayor in Sør-Varanger, Rune Rafaelsen, require to have the helicopter back to 1. July.

the Mayor of Sør-Varanger, Rune Rafaelsen.

Photo: Amund Trellevik/NRK

– People can become poor and may need respiratorbehandling, so to speak, with a time. Ambulansefly is not sufficient in such situations. Therefore, ambulansehelikopteret be operational in Kirkenes out June, says Rafaelsen told the paper.

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