Last year, the disgraced Prince Andrew had to vacate his office at Buckingham Palace. Now his brother King Charles III. also took away his place to sleep in the castle.

So far, Prince Andrew (62) always knew where to put his head when he was in London – or, if you believe insiders, where to invite women. A suite at Buckingham Palace was always reserved for the Queen’s son. In the future he will have to reside in St. James Palace if he wants to stay overnight in the British capital. Because as “The Sun” reports, King Charles III. his younger brother Andrew not only from his former office, but also from his suite.

The actions follow Andrew’s years-long allegation of ties to convicted, now-dead, sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. The allegations also included sexual abuse of minors. In May 2020, Queen Elizabeth II († 96) finally came to the conclusion that Andrew, who was always considered her favorite son, was no longer tenable. Andrew has been relieved of all royal duties. His mother also stripped him of all honorary military ranks.

Since then, he has rarely been seen in public. At his mother’s funeral, he was not allowed to wear a military uniform like his siblings, but had to appear in a suit.

Renovations at Buckingham Palace, which also affected Prince Andrew’s suite, preceded the eviction. The prince’s possessions, including an allegedly large selection of stuffed animals, were also outsourced.

As an insider reports, Prince Andrew will not return to his former four walls. “The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is not the place for Prince Andrew,” the source explained, adding, “Andrew loved having a suite at Buckingham Palace, which he not only lived in during his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, but used it as a bachelor flat after his divorce.”

Prince Andrew has “brought a whole bunch of new friends to the palace,” even American model Caprice Bourret (51), the insider said. He believes that the 62-year-old will not be satisfied with the offer to stay at St. James Palace, not far from Buckingham Palace. “A bachelor pad in St. James Palace doesn’t have the same appeal for a single man,” the source assures.

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