Leroy Sané has had a tough season. First fans whistled at him, then he inspired with strong games – in the end he was back on the bench. A new approach is set to change everything in the new season.

Less pressure for Sané: Leroy Sané’s lack of consistency poses questions for FC Bayern with a view to next season. Then, according to information from ” Kicker “, Bayern wants to try a new approach with such a talented attacker.

Short, compact, clear

Bavaria wants to “allow Sané more peace”: Internally, it is said that many discussions with him were rather counterproductive. Now the expectations should be reduced in order to give the 26-year-old more freedom and take the pressure off him. “Kicker”: Bayern want “to allow the player more peace, to let him be as he is.”

Wrong role model after the transfer: Bayern’s initial approach may not have been right. “Kicker” writes: “Sané never wanted the role of the Messiah”. After signing from Manchester City, the striker was portrayed as a new superstar. A role that Sané sees very differently: “It’s not like I want to be seen as a glamor figure,” he emphasizes.

Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern Munich this summer, but the striker still has a year’s contract in Munich. However, the club has the upper hand, says Christoph Schickhardt. The star lawyer explains why – and what sanction options there are.

Meanwhile, there is no end in sight to the tug-of-war between top striker Robert Lewandowski and FC Bayern Munich. Now teammate Thomas Müller is clearly positioning himself for a change of the world footballer.