The fat years of linear television are over? – As far as that is concerned, TV presenter Jörg Pilawa looks calmly into the future. “I saw the golden times on television with super ratings, I’m really grateful for that,” he said in an interview he gave for Sat.1 before the start of the “Sat.1 Kult-Show-Wochen”. At that time, the 57-year-old remembers, “the family campfire was still roaring, and there was no competition from streaming services either”.

An “important circle” is now closing for him personally: “I started my career on Sat.1 and am now returning to this station with new, exciting formats. That’s a good bracket, “explained Pilawa, who was allowed to revive two programs as part of the Unterföhringer retro offensive: The new edition of the quiz show “Die Pyramide”, once moderated by Dieter Thomas Heck, goes on Monday, February 6 (8:15 p.m.) , on air, the flirting show “Dating Game” follows on Monday 13 February.

Based on the original known by everyone as “Herzblatt”, singles are once again looking for their dream partner – accompanied by the charming voice of Susi Müller (59), who was already whistling from the off on the first broadcast in 1987. There is even more feel-good television from the old school on Monday, February 20th, on Sat.1., when Ruth Moschner presents the new edition of the advice show “Jeopardy!”, once moderated by Frank Elstner. “It’s a bit like having your favorite childhood meal prepared,” says the 46-year-old, looking forward to her new job. “It gives you security, you know it, but of course you see it with different eyes at your current age. As if you had an appointment with anticipation, terrycloth pajamas and a hobby room.”

In view of the concentrated anticipation of all the new entertainment formats, Jörg Pilawa also talked quite fluently from the sewing box. Among other things, the long-time ARD man told Sat.1 the background to his change of channel. “Everything went great. I had the chance to continue doing exactly the same thing at ARD for another three years and then probably another three years,” he said. “But to be honest, with the whole development, it was no longer fun for me to continue there. The most common sentence I’ve heard on ARD is the saying: ‘We’ve never done that before.’ For him, this was the reason, ‘why I said to myself: At the age of 57 I’m at the point where I still want”.

Sat.1 “first asked him as a producer, but at some point we started talking about whether I wouldn’t like to come to the station as a moderator,” Pilawa continued. “And there was my first reflex – immediately, of course gladly! I just want to try a lot more things, and none of that would have been possible with ARD.”

In the conversation, the moderator makes no secret of the fact that he can well imagine life away from the limelight. But, Pilawa told Sat.1: “What I can’t imagine is a life in which I no longer work. But I don’t necessarily have to be in front of the camera for that. And of course I sometimes think about the end of my career. Not to do that would be naïve.”

The North German is not surprised that the interest in the cult shows of the past is quite high. “It’s the longing for something that no longer exists in this form today,” he philosophized in the Sat.1 interview. “When you look into the past, you glorify everything you used to see on TV. Television generally had a different status back then. If something happened in a show, the whole nation talked about it the next day.” For him, formats like “Dating Game” and “Die Pyramide” are completely timeless, according to Pilawa, who describes “Herzblatt” as “the mother of all dating shows”. designated.

Susi Müller, who is part of the new edition, certainly has nothing against such a designation. “Several generations have looked together and thus connect certain phases of their lives,” she says in the Sat.1 interview. “It’s like cult songs that accompany you throughout your life and are linked to many personal memories. All the old pictures come back when you listen. And then when you look back, those memories are often 30 years old and you get a shock.”

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