Disney’s Florida-based theme park has removed any mention of gender in a recorded greeting for a Magic Kingdom fireworks display, footage shows, alienating some fans as the company moves in a more ‘inclusive’ direction.

Employees at Disney World were invited to a preview of the ‘Happily Ever After’ fireworks show earlier this week, the first since daily displays were paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where an onlooker captured video of the new greeting. While the traditional pre-show announcement welcomed “ladies and gentleman, boys and girls” and “dreamers of all ages,” 2021’s version now includes only the last line.

Disney removes ”Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls” from Happily Ever After pre show announcement. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls FOREVER!

While Disney itself has yet to comment on the apparent change, it would be in line with recent attempts to make its parks places “where everyone is welcome,” as the company described in an April press release.

“Inclusion is essential to our culture and leads us forward as we continue to realize our rich legacy of engaging storytelling, exceptional service, and Disney magic,” wrote Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro, adding that “the world is changing, and we will change with it.”

As part of those efforts, the company has also relaxed rules around employees’ appearance at its theme parks, now allowing “gender-inclusive” hairstyles, jewelry and costume choices, as well as removing elements from attractions that were deemed “racially insensitive.”  

Some observers have been critical of the company’s inclusion drive, however, with a number of online detractors rejecting the latest move as a cynical attempt to appease the “woke,” while others saw a politicized agenda to force certain conceptions of gender and sexuality upon young children.

Disney continues to go woke. The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World dumps its classic fireworks greeting, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls”. The fireworks show now begins with, “Good evening, dreamers of all ages”. The original greeting had been used for 40 years.

Parents will NOT spend thousands of dollars on a @Disney@WaltDisneyWorld@DisneyParks family vacation just to have their children indoctrinated by Marxist gender Nazis.

So new greeting will be “Hello paying customers”…? That’s all inclusive and very friendly!

Despite the ruffled feathers, the new Disney World greeting also found support from netizens, some mocking the outrage as overwrought and hailing the move as “good business.”

“I’m not mad at this. I think it’s perfect. Dreamers of all ages, who wouldn’t like this?” asked one user.

Oh shit! This affects us in no way possible. Cue the outrage!

I just saw that Disney World removed the phrase “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from before the fireworks. And yeah it was a little odd to hear after all these years, but I’m just so happy to be included now.

Nothing really special to note here. It’s just good business to cater to customers and make them feel included. It’s more about being smart than being sensitive. Good for Disney!!

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