Former terrorist and suspected robber Daniela Klette has been in custody for three months. The Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office is confident that they will also catch their accomplices.

Three months after the arrest of ex-RAF terrorist Daniela Klette, investigators have received hundreds of tips about her former accomplices Burkhard Garweg and Ernst-Volker Staub. The officers from the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) were close on Garweg’s heels at the beginning of March and confiscated the trailer in Berlin-Friedrichshain in which the 55-year-old had lived under the code name Martin.

At the request of the German Press Agency in Hanover, the LKA announced that 431 tips about Garweg and a further 327 tips about dust had been registered. Klette had also lived under a false identity in a Berlin apartment until her arrest on February 26th.

On March 2nd, new photos were published showing the wanted Garweg with his dogs. Since then, according to the LKA, 94 tips have been received about the dogs. The investigators confiscated hundreds of pieces of evidence both in Klette’s apartment and on the trailer site – according to the investigators, the evaluation is still ongoing. 

The trio Klette, Garweg and Staub belong to the so-called third generation of the left-wing extremist Red Army Faction. In 1998 the RAF, which killed more than 30 people, declared itself disbanded.  Klette is in custody in the women’s prison in Vechta, Lower Saxony. The Verden public prosecutor’s office is investigating the 65-year-old on suspicion of robbery. The public prosecutor’s office is also examining whether Klette’s possible use of a firearm would be viewed as an attempted murder, said an authority spokesman.

“I am still confident that we will arrest the two wanted men, Garweg and Staub,” said Friedo de Vries, President of the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office, to the dpa. “There are still investigative approaches that must be consistently pursued.” However, the LKA President did not want to speak of a “hot lead” at the moment. “We will continue to pursue every approach that presents itself with concentration and persistence and will not let up. And we know significantly more about the wanted men today than in the many years of the search before,” said de Vries.

According to authorities, the Verden regional court is responsible in the event of an indictment against Klette. The public prosecutor’s office and the regional court announced this in response to a dpa request. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the investigations against Klette have not yet been completed, but an indictment is expected.   

“Due to the possibility of an indictment at the Verden regional court, the regional court is analyzing a potential risk situation,” said a court spokesman. It cannot currently be said in which rooms a possible trial would be held.